Can synthetic oil last a year?

Engine oil is an important element to keep your car engine running smoothly and carry out internal combustion with pre-requisite conditions. This oil might be synthetic or conventional variant. But the synthetic has an edge over conventional or regular oils. Here the question might arise that how long does synthetic oil last? Is the synthetic oil change interval would be similar to that of regular oils, or it has a longer lifespan?

If you own an older vehicle, your engines might not be compatible with a synthetic variant. Modern-day engines are engineered to consume synthetic oils and present a good picture of deliverance. There is even a condition from some manufacturers that you should use synthetic oils to keep the warranty coverage valid.

Synthetic oil

Synthetic oil, being the most expensive variant, is used for better performance, longer lifespan, protection against heat, erosion, and sludge. There is a less costly option available that is a synthetic blend that also offers better performance than conventional oil.

The question is how long does synthetic oil last? The answer here is guaranteed by its additive and detergent addition that make sure an extended life. Because it wears out at a slow rate due to its strong chemical base, and optimum performance at high temperatures.
Today, different manufacturers recommended different oil change intervals because of the vehicle’s engine formation, oil brand used, as well as, driven in different circumstances. some might suggest these intervals to range from 6000 to 16,000 miles, but that isn’t the last word.


Some of the modern vehicles possess oil change intervals between 7500 to 10,000 miles range, but this highly depends on the type of vehicle you are using. This might also differ to driven in severe conditions like a Desert or a severely cold environment or might depend on dusty roads you drive on. Some new engines have oil-quality monitoring systems that not only track your driving conditions, but also keep a record of engine temperatures, and other parameters. These systems give you an alert when it is time for an oil change.

The oil change interval recommended by most of the manufacturers for synthetic oils is usually one year or 5,000 to 15000 miles. There might be some other features like car models, oil quality, and brand you are using. Kia and Hyundai models with a turbocharged engine need an oil change every 5,000 miles while in the case of Toyota and Jaguar vehicles, your synthetic engine oil might last up to 10,000 and 15,000 miles, respectively.

Try opting for a better and reliable brand of synthetic oil because that will give you a guarantee of long-lasting life. If you are looking for some quality oils, Oiltrade24 includes more than 26 well-known lubricant brands.