Driving with summer tyres on your SUV

If you have made the investment into an SUV, then you have one of the safest vehicles for passengers out there. One advantage with SUVs is that they are a bit elevated so that you sit higher, this gives them a more favorable outcome when they are in accidents compared to that of traditional passenger cars. This is why they rate safer than normal cars, so if you want to maximize your safety you should probably choose an SUV rather than a normal passenger car. To ensure that they are as safe as shown in the tests, you will need to make sure that you have proper tyres on it while driving. If you drive during the summer, you will need to have SUV summer tyres.

The summers is the season when you have the least challenges as it is mostly dry and light, so you have good driving conditions with good visibility. The biggest challenges come with heavy summer rain and being blinded by the sun. Driving in heavy rain requires that you have very good summer tyres.  You need good high quality tyres and have to avoid buying some cheap tyres now that you have invested in an expensive car. The tyres is the only contact with the road and they will ultimately determine how safe your SUV is.

Bad tyres won’t be able to create the necessary grip needed to keep you safe. You need grip when cornering and when you need to stop quickly. They also need to have good grip in wet conditions and have to be able to prevent aquaplaning. This is done through effective movement and storage of water in the tread pattern. The pattern should help to effectively and quickly move the water to the sides, so that the tyre can remain in contact with the road surface. If you fail to remove the water, the car will plane on top of the water and lose contact and thus control over the vehicle.

Purchasing cheap tyres can jeopardize the safety of your SUV and make the driving more costly. Cheap tyres tend to wear out faster, so you tend to spend more money over time as you have to replace the tyres sooner than you would if you have good quality tyres. Cheaper tyres also tend to have a higher rolling resistance, so that they burn more fuel while driving causing you to spend more money on fuel, while also emitting more CO2, so you will be less environmentally friendly while driving.

Even with high quality tyres you will need to make sure that you monitor the tread depth so that you can rotate the tyres for a longer lifetime. When there becomes a difference between the front and rear tyres of more than a few millimeters it is time to rotate them, so that you can purchase 4 new tyres when they are all worn out. It is less safe to drive with a combination of new and old tyres.

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