Steps To Follow For A Successful Import

Many tend to optimize for vehicles that are available for purchase in Australia in order to avoid the importing process from other countries. However, if you are determined that you want to take a certain model for a drive instead, then following these steps is certainly going to help you out during the importing process that many tend to dislike.

Ask a provider to help

Importing providers are something that pretty much everyone should take an advantage of when it comes to importing cars into Australia. One of the most popular ones are Import Direct Car Sales, which you should check out if they operate in your area. They will take care of some of the most complicated parts of the importing process, making the import as fast as possible.

Research if the car you want is eligible for import

You would be surprised just how many people decide to apply for approval of import and setup everything with their provider before they discover that their car is ineligible for import. The main reason why this can happen is if the car is too old. Not long ago, every car that was manufactured after 1989 was banned from being imported into Australia, but these laws changed suddenly, and should be checked regularly.

Another thing that can make the car ineligible is if certain parts are used that are banned in Australia. These things can be changed, but they will add additional cost to the whole importing process. There is also somewhat of a tier list of vehicles which are considered luxury vehicles, and the importing price for customs clearance of these vehicles is quite big, which does fit their tier list.

Importing classic cars is easier with a provider

Arranging shipping

If you decide to import cars with the help of Import Direct Car Sales, arranging the shipping should be a piece of cake. Importing providers usually have special deals with shipping companies, and they often have a couple of reserved spots on the boat for the containers. This means that you will not have to wait for a free spot on the boat, and you will also be guaranteed a safe and secure transport.

Clearing customs

Once the vehicle arrives into Australia and goes through the quarantine and regulations where it is going to be inspected for eligibility in person, you will have to pay for customs. It is highly advised to just put some money on the side for this instead of just planning to pay once the bill arrives. There have been many cases where the vehicle was stuck in customs because payments have not been done in time.

Driving your imported vehicle on the road will feel fantastic

Final word

Organization and planning play a very big part when it comes to importing a vehicle into Australia, and communicating with your provider is just as important. Once you receive the vehicle, you should also immediately register it under your name before you decide to drive it around.