Things To Consider When Buying A Tractor

Tractors are mighty machines and are essential for a wide array of farm tasks. These hard-working machines come in many different types, such as Kubota tractor with backhoe, utility tractor, specialty tractor, and track-type tractor, among others. Tractors perform many farm tasks. Hence, they are complex machines with a lot of parts. If you are looking for the perfect tractor, then here is an introduction to its main parts and functions.

1.     Engine

An engine is regarded as the heart of every tractor. It provides the power to perform heavy duties. Most tractor engines run on diesel or gasoline. It is the diesel engines which usually offer more power than their gasoline counterparts. Just like automobiles in the 1960s, tractor engine power is measured in horsepower. So, a farmer may need a large tractor with more horsepower for intensive farming tasks.

2.     Transmission

Transmission plays a pivotal role in the task performance of a tractor. It also makes a difference in the way a tractor is operated. For instance, a tractor with hydrostatic transmission is driven with foot pedals. These types of tractors are very easy to drive because you only need to step harder on the pedal to increase tractor speed.

On the contrary, a tractor with manual gear-driven transmission requires the driver to shift gears to change speed manually. The driver may even have to shift the control stick when the tractor is halted. So, such a type of tractor is a perfect match for those farmers who want to maintain a consistent speed. All the drivers will have to do is set the gear at a particular speed and let it run. However, such tractors are not as user-friendly as hydrostatic transmission tractors.

3.     Hitches

A hitch is a type of attachment with which a tractor can be used with other equipment. If you are looking to attach equipment with your tractor, then the most useful hitch to go in for is the three-point hitch. It comprises a hydraulic lift for raising and lowering equipment. On the other hand, simple drawbar hitches and specialized hitches are also widely used for attachments such as forklifts and front-end loaders.

4.     Power take-off

A power take-off is one of the essential parts of your tractor. A PTO is located at the rear end of your Kubota mini tractor. It is a spinning shaft that provides power to attachments such as hay balers and mowers. Most often, a PTO has its horsepower rating, which may vary from your tractor’s engine.

5.     Tires

Tires are one of the most important considerations for a farmer. They are specially designed to provide excellent traction so that a tractor can do heavy work. Tractor tires are filled with air, but it is also a popular trend to fill them up with windshield washer or automotive antifreeze fluids. It is done to give the tires more weight to provide more excellent traction.

Complicated farming practices are very time consuming and may run into the evenings. Hence, tractors with headlights play an essential role in lighting a path through fading daylight. Therefore, keeping an eye on these factors can help you choose your right tractor for an effective workflow.