Tips to protect your bike during holi

Have you finally bought the best two-wheeler? Now you want to follow all the guidelines to protect your bike during Holi. While celebrating Holi, it is not just us, who are toss in water and colours, but also our valuable things. During the festival, splashing water balloons and colours on vehicles are very common. One day fun turns into year-long distress when you find that your bike is all stained. Some of the bike parts may even stop working due to heavy and a continuous splash of water. So, how to protect your dream bike during holi? Here are some important tips for bike protection that you must keep in mind.

Keep it wrapped

Do not forget to invest in a water-resistant full-size bike cover before the festival time. The cover will protect your dream bike against Holi colours, water balloons and dust. If you have the best 200cc bikes in India, keep it covered under a thick plastic sheet. While covering your bike, you make sure that the bike cover is completely wrapped around your vehicle. For maximum protection park your bike in a closed area like a garage, where no one can enter.

Apply wax polish

You should purchase a wax polish also in addition to a bike-cover. Apply wax polish all over the painted panels of your bike and get ready for the fun to begin. Polish will not use stubborn colours used in the festival to settle on your bike. As a result, your dream bike won’t get any stains and the parts of the bike would remain safe and protected. In addition to a wax polish, you can also use a cling film or a kitchen wrap to cover the vulnerable areas.

Here are a few tricks and tips do’s and don’ts to consider in order to keep your beloved bike during Holi.

Do’s for your bike this Holi:

  • The first and foremost thing to do during the festival is to keep yourself safe. So, it is essential that you want to follow proper riding guidelines and safety measures.
  • If you park your bike safely in a closed surface area and wrap the bike properly with a full bike covers. Make sure the parking spot is away from the festival area, so that your bike remains devoid of colours and water.
  • Always get your bike wax polished, a day prior to the festival time that will help in removing the colours and stains easily.
  • Make sure that you carry a few extra cloth pieces, which can be used for cleaning the bike and placing it on the seat, in case you are completely wet.
  • Carrying an extra piece of clothes is advised. Riding with wet clothes can be dangerous.

Don’ts for your bike this Holi:

  • The helmet is essential, don’t avoid a helmet. Because it will protect you from colour and water.
  • Parking in an open surface area is a proper call out for stains and colours. So avoid the crowded location.

Final thoughts

Could you get some tricks and tips about how to protect your bike during Holi? Above are some of the ways that you could protect your dream bike. Enjoy the holi with peace of mind.