Top 4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Umbrella Now

If you have recently purchased a car and still contemplating whether you need a car umbrella or not, with the medium of this post we have covered everything that you might need to make the right decision.

There are numerous benefits that a car sun umbrella (ร่มกันแดดรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) can provide to your vehicle. Even the automobile companies now recommend their use as keeping the car exposed to foreign elements can be highly damaging to the outer.  

Here’s how a sun umbrella can prove to be boon for your car:

  • Protection from the weather onslaught: When your car is uncovered, it is in the direct path of sunlight, which contains the harmful UV rays, which can damage and erode the exteriors. Having a good umbrella means 360-degree protection from the sun, hail, dust, snow and other seasonal elements.

A car umbrella is not any other accessory that you can do without. In fact, it is a necessity, which you must buy alongside your car itself.

  • Energy saving: You must have gone through a harrowing experience of parking your car under Sun. Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperatures inside the car tend to skyrocket within no time. So much so that you can’t even step inside afterwards. First, you need to roll down the windows, open all the doors and switch the A/C to full, in order to bring down the temperatures. This only leads to the unnecessary loss of fuel and energy.

It is never guaranteed that you’ll get to park in shade only, however, if you have your very own car umbrella, you need not bother about anything else. Irrespective of the temperature outside, your car’s insides will always be bearable and you’ll save few energy units on the go as well.

  • Ensure safety: Premium quality car sun umbrella comes loaded with an automated anti-theft system too. Hence, if a burglar is trying to get his way through your car (or the umbrella), he won’t be able to get away with anything.  

All umbrella functionalities are controlled through the remote. So, as long as you have the remote, nothing can move from its place.

  • Protection from bird droppings and other foreign elements: Parking under a tree or in open space makes your car susceptible to the bird poops, dead leaves, insects etc.

Some of these are dangerous can seep into the layer of the car exterior paint, causing extensive damage. Having an umbrella protects you from all.

Hence, wait no further a get yourself a good quality car umbrella or tent, in case you haven’t done so already.