Top Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Car’s Paint

If you are one of those who enjoys seeing your car shining, this article is for you. We bring you the best maintenance tips so that the paint of your car shine like the first day. With this guide, you will discover that it is not necessary to paint the car every time you find any damage to have it immaculate.

Let’s face it; one of the aspects that we set the most when determining the state of a car is its appearance, specifically in the color and brightness of the paint.

You may think that the only thing that can damage the paint of your car is a rallón or a chinazo, but it is not like that. There are a lot of factors that affect the state of the painting, such as weather conditions, the passage of time or prolonged exposure to the sun.

That is why it is very important to take care of and protect the paint of your car. Do you know the tricks that professionals use?

#1: Say goodbye to the washing trains

The bristles of your brushes are designed to last and scratch dirt, not to take care of your car. Take advantage of some Sunday morning to take a ride to a manual car wash and take care of your painting in the process. Better if it is with warm or cold water.

#2: Use specific products to clean the car 

We not only refer to soap but also rags and sponges. In this way, we avoid damaging the sheet and paint with strong products. There are lots of products you can use to wash your car which won’t harm the car paint in any way; you only need to know how to do the searching!

#3: Park your car in the garage

It is a cliché, yes, but if the car is covered, we make sure to keep the paint and the body safe from atmospheric phenomena, dust, sand and prolonged exposure to the sun. If you do not have a garage, look for parking in protected areas where the sun cannot fully reach your car (trees can be a good refuge for your 4-wheel friend).

#4: In winter and in summer, be very careful with salt 

The brine that is derived from the salt that is on the frozen roads is very damaging to the sheet and paint of our car. Not to mention the saltpeter that derives from the coastal areas. If your car has been exposed to large amounts of salt, it is best to wash it with cold water to prevent corrosion.

#5: Polish your car every 2 or 3 years 

It may seem silly, but they already said in Karate Kid “give wax, polish wax”. Now that you have learned the lesson, get to work, polishing the car will give a unique shine to the painting.

Although if you really want your new to look like new for many years, we recommend invisible protective films like the ones done by Proshield. They will not only protect the paint of your car but will also make it keep shining for years as though you just bought it.