Tips: special cares you should have with vintage cars

Vintage cars should receive due attention from owners, just like newer cars. Whether a collector or not, it is the owner’s job to keep his vehicle preserved and in good condition. There are some essential mechanical precautions for an old vehicle to remain healthy. Want to know what they are? Read this article to the end and find out!


Rule number 1 is: keep your car always clean! This is not only a matter of hygiene, but also of conservation. For example, painting is one of the most affected by the incidence of bad weather and dirt. Therefore, invest in frequent washing and cleaning both inside and outside the vehicle to keep everything in order.


To keep the car with a strong aesthetic appeal, you need to invest in the right products! The automotive wax is a great example. The waxing creates a film on the bodywork that protects the paint from UV rays and still adds shine to classic cars. Your classic vehicle will look new.


Vintage cars of the 50s and late 60s had a drum brake system, which has now been replaced by disc brakes. The brake liner, an essential part of this type of braking, wears more easily and requires changes. That is, it is always necessary to pay attention to this component and replace it with genuine Nash metropolitan brakes when necessary.

Preventive maintenance

Although it is obvious, many owners do not do the proper preventive maintenance on their vintage cars. The automotive overhaul aims to extend the life of the vehicle and make it work properly. The exchange of engine oil and exchange in the correct mileage are part of this service. Many owners do not drive their old vehicle for fear of causing damage to it. However, this is a big myth! Classic cars that are not used often have defects in several parts.


The carburetor is a component responsible for producing the mixture of air and fuel in the internal combustion engine. It is an exclusive part of vintage and classic cars that deserves full attention from the owners, mainly due to the composition of current fuels. Today, the alcohol content in the composition of gasoline reaches 27%. The excess of this substance causes damage to the carburetor, since it was created to work with ethanol.

Replacement of parts

It is also important to always make a quick replacement of broken or defective parts. Leaving small wear accumulations so that the repair can take place at once can only make the process more expensive in mechanical workshops. Therefore, opt for preventive maintenance at least every 6 months to check all components.

When purchasing a replacement part, it is necessary to know the manufacturer’s trajectory. Despite the immediate impulse of many people to buy cheaper products, the issue goes beyond the pocket. After all, it is an element that will remain for thousands of kilometers in your vehicle.

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