What Does a Traffic Collision Consultant Do?

Traffic collision consultants can be part of law enforcement departments, private investigator offices or law firms and have a great deal of advanced education either in engineering, law enforcement or related subjects. These consultants help reconstruct the events leading to and resulting from a collision to aid in court cases and insurance claims in three phases, forensics, investigation and presentation.


When you or your attorney hires a collision consultant company Walnut Creek CA for your case, their first task will be to conduct forensics at the site including taking pictures and measurements, making computer models and running simulations. This requires quite a bit of mathematics and some states require specific courses and certifications for the job.


While not every traffic collision consultant works for the police department, most will offer investigative services to help make sense of what happened. Not only do these consultants look at the forensics, but most are licensed investigators who will interview witnesses and track down missing information for your court case or insurance claim.


Gathering forensics and investigating the accident are only the first two parts of this job. Your consultant will also write reports and create visualizations for presentation. He or she can be called as an expert witness in a court case, help your legal team track down witnesses and verify employment information, and even present findings to insurance claim adjusters to make sure you are given a fair settlement.

When you have been involved in a traffic collision, your attorney will probably recommend the services of a consultant to help investigate the accident and generate a report. This can help you get the settlement you need from your insurance company as well as aid in any legal cases stemming from the collision. These consultants are usually licensed investigators with many years’ experience and technical education in related fields.