3 things you didn’t know about Mercedes Viano

Mercedes-Benz has got a reputation of one of the most advanced, luxurious and performance-oriented vehicle manufacturer in the world. In 1886, Karl Benz introduced the first modern automobile to the world – a three-wheeled, petrol-powered Motorwagen. It was powered by a 954cc single piston, the four-stroke rear engine that boasted a blistering-for-that-time 0.9 hp. Ever since they’ve been pumping out innovative and technologically groundbreaking vehicles. When we speak of Mercedes, everybody thinks of luxurious sedans or sports cabriolet models. The brand is known for luxury vehicles, buses, coaches, and lorries. But this passenger vehicle we are about to present might surprise you!

Mercedes-Benz also produces standard panel vans for cargo, named Vito, or with passenger accommodations substituted for part or all of the load area, called V-Class or Viano. Mercedes Viano is a large MVP, whosethe first generation went on sale in 1996. It is available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive configurations. It comes in three lengths, two wheelbases and a choice of four petrol and diesel engines coupled to either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatictransmission.

The thing with the Mercedes Viano is that it is not easy to decide whether you want to drive or to be driven in it. Numerous new items of equipment enhance it, offering scope for individualization and assistance primarily for the driver, but passengers can’t complain either. If you have a big family and can easily spit out about $80-and-some-thousand, you won’t regret it. Also, the Viano has a three-year unlimited kilometre warranty. And though vans are less usual, this one is an ideal choice for a fleet of any serious limousine company. It has got a sleek exterior, it is highly comfortable and spacious, it possesses elegance, its perfect for transporting families with children, and is very convenient as a luxury sedan limo, as well as for the long rides.

So, read further to discover the three things you didn’t know about Mercedes Viano.

  1. Variants of the Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Viano is the only model in its class that comes in three different body lengths:

  • Viano compact – length 4763 mm, wheelbase 3200 mm,
  • Viano long – length 5008 mm, wheelbase 3200 mm, extended overhang,
  • Viano extra-long – length 5238 mm, wheelbase 3430 mm, extended overhang.

All variants are practical for everyday use. With an overall height of just 1875 mm, all of them can easily fit into standard garages, underground car parks, multi-storey car parks and car washes. The same applies even to the Mercedes Viano Fun and the Viano Marco Pollo which height is 1960 mm.

Viano Marco Polo camper van is based on the long Mercedes Viano only with a front-opening pop-up roof. The long variant of Viano Fun can optionally come with this roof as well. Marco Polo comes equipped with a galley that includes storage space, a kitchenette with a gas stove, sink and 40 litres fridge, then multifunction wardrobe and a sliding bench seat in the back that can be turned into a large air-sprung bed. An additional bed can be fitted in the pop-up roof area to increase the sleeping capacity.Its homely yet stylish appearance gives an impression of a yacht on wheels.

In a period from 2008 to 2010, there was one model available only in Europe in either brilliant silver or obsidian black metallic paint – the Viano X-Clusive. Its interior had anthracite or pebble coloured ‘Twin’ leather seats and a choice of grey or brown walnut wood accents. It featured a redesigned radiator grille, 18-inch alloy wheels, a chromed exhaust tailpipe, side skirts, and unique front and rear bumpers.

The Mercedes Viano Ambiente, which has always featured a particularly broad scope of equipment, now additionally features Bi-Xenon headlamps as standard, together with cornering lights, LED daytime driving lights, headlamp washer system and light-alloy wheels in size 7J x 17.The previous Comfort Plus package for the Viano Fun has now been upgraded by the Comfort Fun package. Previously it included treats such as an additional heat exchanger and electric rear ventilation windows.Now it includes a new multifunction steering wheel with trip computer.

  1. The new „face“ of Mercedes Viano

In 2010, the van underwent a face-lifting. Changes included new interior trim materials, redesigned cockpit, optional rear seat entertainment system, standard Blue efficiency technology, new fibre optic units and new ambient lighting system with dimmable individual LED reading lamps, new suspension with front and rear axles revised, and EU 5 emission standards compliance.

The permissible gross vehicle weight now totals 2.80 t (previously 2.77 t) as standard, while for the extra-long variants it stands at 3.05 t (previously 2.94 t). According to the model, the increase in the payload may amount to as much as 100 kg. So there are no constrictions regarding luggage, you can pack as much as you want when going on a journey.

The first look at Mercedes Viano gives a strong impression. The front part of the vehicle looks a lot like a larger “A Class”, with the striking and distinctive yet very harmonious look.There is not one but two side doors sliding electronically to open and close, which contributes to the sense of luxury and elegance.The bumper features honeycomb look, which is a new and upgraded design by Mercedes-Benz, and it matches the colour of the vehicle. The three-piece rear bumper extends lower and emphasizes the dynamism of Mercedes Viano.

The use of a new reflector results in improved visibility of the new four-compartment lights incorporating indicators, tail/brake lights, rear fog lamps and reversing lights. Viano underwent some changes between the tail and headlamps. The maximum dimensional accuracy of the new fully galvanized steel wings ensures exact gap dimensions. Large side mirrors provide good visibility and it’s really hard to get someone in the “dead corner”. To avoid the damage in tight parking situations, the exterior mirrors can be folded against the body of the vehicle. All these innovations clearly distinguish Mercedes Viano from Mercedes Vito.

  1. But, it’s inside that matters

The passenger compartment in Mercedes Viano is very spacious. This model comes with seats facing each other, making space better used. In 5-seated Viano, there is also a table that dislocates and can move on the rails. The control panel is simple with a small “board” computer. In the middle there is an LCD display for adjusting navigation, playing music, and watching DVDs.The previous rocker switches in the upper control panel on the central control are replaced by the pushbuttonsproviding a more attractive appearance and at the same time facilitating operation. The transmission lever is new with a high-gloss badge and chrome surround. In the cabin, there is also one electricity connector, while the other is in the trunk and serves to connect the fridge. The seat heating now offers three levels unlike the previous two.

The Mercedes Viano is also available with a lockable compartment for valuables. The overhead control unit has been upgraded with two reading lamps and a polished finish, making a long night ride comfortable and not boring. The floor is also illuminated with a total of six light sources in the footwell. While the vehicle is in motion, this lighting is dimmed.A rearview camera is also optionally available and then integrated into the license plate panel on the tailgate. When it’s on, the camera picture is displayed on the command screen and provides additional assistance for the driver.

The Mercedes Viano covers the full range of media wishes. There is an option for pre-installing the Rear Seat Entertainment system which keeps rear passengers informed and entertained. This gives a possibility to entertain children with cartoons or to hold a presentation for business associates. These features can be installed on request at the factory, through Mercedes-Benz Accessories or by authorized Mercedes-Benz workshops.

  1. Safe and sound

State-of-the-art engine technology provides the basis for the Viano’s exceptionally low fuel consumption which consequently lowers CO2 emissions to an exemplary minimal level. Its engine and drive system is clean, economical and offers top-notch performance. It features a brak system with robust and powerful disc brakes on all four wheels, electronic brake force distribution and adaptive brake lights displaying an emergency braking signal when the brakes are fully applied. Battery charging is carried out by a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry which combines high efficiency with a swift response to movements of the accelerator pedal.

The Mercedes Viano is a leader in environmental friendliness because its engines meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. The BlueEfficiency package, which now comes as standard, combines economy and sustainability in exemplary fashion. Vianotraditionally falls under the low fuel consumption vehicles, but BlueEfficiencyfurther reduces additional 0.2-0.3 litres of fuel per 100 km (6.6 g of CO2 per km) in the new generation.Intervals between two car maintenances are long, contributing to its economy and sustainability too. The Assyst service computer calculates the intervals of oil-change on a flexible basis according to the actual use of the vehicle.

Hundreds of thousands of these vehicles have proven their worth. The Mercedes Vianofulfils the highest standards of driving safety, ride comfort and enjoyment. Regarding all its features, we have no doubt that this vehicle will complement any family or limo fleet and that the investment will pay off and be worth it.