4 things to do before purchasing a used car


There are many great benefits to purchasing a used car. With used cars, you’ll not only find lower price tags, but you’ll lose less money to depreciation, save on registration fees and much more. Before you begin your search for used cars, it’s important to do your research. Keep reading to check out a few of our top used car buying tips, to make sure you drive away with a great deal.

4 Things Every Car Buyer Should Do Before Purchasing a Used Car

1. Do Your Research

Before you start browsing used cars online, write down your top vehicle needs. How many people do you need to accommodate? Will you be driving the car daily? Which features can you not live without? Do you want a small or large vehicle? Next, research which makes and models meet your needs and look at prices.

2. Set a Budget

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to a few different makes and models, you’ll need to set a budget. Set a price range that works for you and only allow yourself enough wiggle room so that you can comfortably manage all your other expenses.

3. Run a Carfax Report

Be sure to check out the vehicles history on Carfax before making any final decisions. Some dealerships will do this for you but if you’re buying privately, you may have to request a report on your own.

4. Don’t Forget to Test Drive

This is often the most important aspect of the car buying process. A test drive will let you get familiar with the car and look for any glaring issues.