5 Security Devices Under $20 That Really Work

Your safety is priceless. Luckily, you don’t have to pay a fortune to insure it. There are plenty of affordable and effective devices on the market that can help keep you safe in any situation. 

  1. Tailgate Locks

Even if you have a cover or cap, the bed of a truck is a prime target for thieves. Adding a pickup tailgate lock can keep your belongings, and your tailgate, from becoming another statistic. A simple device that reinforces the plastic components installed by manufacturers, these go on in minutes and provide years of peace of mind. 

  1. Sliding Door Bars

Sure, a six-foot wall of glass might not be the most secure entry option, but it can be made at least a little safer. Adding a simple bar inside the track will keep intruders from breaking the lock and getting in. If the thieves don’t want to risk attracting attention or delaying entry by breaking the glass, this may be enough to stop them. 

  1. Reinforces Strike Plates

Wooden door jambs can shatter with a good kick or shoulder applied to them. Install a metal reinforced strike plate deep into the studs of your wall and you have greatly reduced the chances of someone forcing their way in. 

  1. Personal Security Sirens

Small and portable, these little devices make a big noise. With the push of a button, you can create a wail that will attract attention from passersby and scare away a potential assailant.

  1. Smart Outlets

The idea of entering a completely dark house isn’t very appealing. Smart plugs let you control whatever is plugged into them remotely, so, even if you forgot to leave the light on, you can activate it before you pull in the driveway. 

Using common sense and adding a few security features is a great way to help increase your safety level no matter where you go. While no device can fully guarantee your safety, these inexpensive and easy to use security items are a great place to start.