5 Things To Check for a Quieter Pickup

Has your pickup become noisy these days? Problems with the engine could be the culprit, and you should check it now before it becomes trouble that could potentially damage the engine and shorten the lifespan of your pickup.

1. Check the Oil

Your engine needs proper lubrication to run smoothly. When oil gets dirty, parts of the engine won’t work properly. They knock into each other making that annoying pinging sound. Check the quality of the oil in your truck and change it if needed. Make sure you’re using the correct oil for your pickup or you may damage the engine. Your nearby auto parts store will be able to recommend the right type.

2. Check the Fuel Air Separation System

A good fuel separation system ensures that your engine gets the proper amount of gasoline and oxygen so that the piston fire properly and your engine gets power. When it isn’t working properly, problems can arise. Replace it using Airdog parts.

3. Check the Exhaust System

As your pickup ages, your exhaust system will get holes due to rust buildup. A system that has holes, even small ones, is a noisy one. Replace the exhaust system. You might be surprised at how quiet your pickup gets.

4. Check Your Pickup’s Suspension

The suspension parts of your pickup can get out of shape over time and will make a lot of noise. If the bearings aren’t properly greased, friction can occur and those bearings can then get worn out. Take your pickup to a mechanic to make sure the suspension is still working properly.

5. Take Your Pickup in for a Tune-Up

Every car or pickup needs a regular tune-up to make sure the engine is running at its best, so take your pickup in on a regular basis. It’s well worth the investment.