How to Protect and Maintain Your Windshield After Repair

Automotive glass is usually designed to be able to handle any kind of weather compared to home glass and is more durable than any other kind. This is why you always experience pebbles striking the windshield without any effect. Of course, while it’s very durable, it’s not necessarily indestructible and damage can occur very easily. These damages can obscure your view and eventually force you to need a windshield replacement in Markham. Once your windshield has been repaired, you need to protect and maintain it in order for it to last longer. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Driving recommendations

You probably know that stones from the road will be flying back to your car all the time and objects may fall out of large trucks and could possibly hit your windshield. You need to have the right driving routine in order to protect yourself. For instance, you should distance yourself from such trucks, which will not only protect the car but the passengers as well. Ensure that you are always at a safe distance in order to give yourself or the driver more time to react. A few extra feet could be the difference between swerving out of the road and being safe when something happens.

Always watch the temperature

Temperature changes cause glass to contract and expand and if you’re not careful and park in extensive heat, your windshield could weaken. For this reason, it is always best to park your car in the shade whenever you can. Window shades don’t usually protect the glass from heat so this should not be a reliable option when it comes to high temperatures.

Repair chips immediately

It’s inevitable that at one point your windshield will suffer a chip crack. When this happens you should take it to an auto shop and have it repaired immediately. If a window chip or crack goes unrepaired, it will grow inevitably and could cause more damage in the long run. It can actually become a very dangerous distraction to you as a driver. Worse than that, it will become a lot more expensive to repair. Always catch small chips when possible.

Replace windshield wipers when need be

Windshield wipers should be replaced as soon as you notice that they no longer push water out of the glass completely. Wiper blades lose shape and this could put some unnecessary pressure on some areas of your windshield. Windshield blades may not be enough to damage your windscreen, but together with other factors, it will slowly reduce the strength of your windshield and make it susceptible to cracks.

Stop washing your windshield with chemicals

Chemicals can lead to discoloration and strip away your glass protective coating. Instead of chemicals, you can use approved cleaning products or even make your own cleaning solutions at home. Some combinations of water and vinegar can be effective. The only thing you should avoid is ammonia because it will damage your grass and its protective barrier.