Car Servicing: Things you need to Know


Crafting a premium car that not only ensures safety and comfort but excels in looks as well, takes planning and efforts. Every part is meticulously designed and assembled for the car’s proper functioning. However, like all types of machinery, these parts corrode or wear off eventually. Besides losing the shine, its safety features are compromised as well. To restore back the car to its original condition, car detailing is essential. Additionally, car detailing spruces up the car and brings back its shine, both interior and exterior. Experts suggest opting for car detailing service twice a year to ensure its top-notch condition.

A full car detailing, both interior and exterior, remove dirt, dust and stains from the car. On one side, interior car detailing cleans away organic, chemical or any harmful residue from inside the car that not only promotes the growth of various disease infesting bacteria but exudes a foul smell as well. On the other hand, exterior car detailing restores the appealing look of the car by cleaning and polishing the windows, wheels and car body.    

Let’s take a deeper look

Premium car detailing service providers like Car Fit Expert, who specialize in multiple services, offer the following facilities:-

Battery Check-up and Replacement

Amaron and Exide (car batteries used in most cars in India) batteries have a 4 to 5 years long lifespan and at the end of this time period, the battery needs replacement. A car owner can either check the Amaron or Exide car battery price online and purchase it or visit a store. However, waiting for the replacement till the car battery dies will leave you stranded in the middle of a road. To avoid such unfortunate circumstances, you can ask the car detailing service provider to check the battery’s condition and if required, they will replace it.

Wiper Blade Check and Replacement

Car wiper blades may not play a key role in enhancing the car’s performance, but they are certainly a significant element that ensure passengers’ safety. They keep the windshield spotless and remove any obstacle from the windshield that may impair the driver’s view. Unfortunately, with time, the wiper blades become rough and sturdy, and end up scratching the windshield. Leading car detailing service providers like Car Fit Experts replace the old worn out wiper blades with premium wiper blades like Bosch that are graphite coated and ensure effortless cleaning.

Provide credible DIY Car Care Products

There is a wide range of DIY car care products available in the market. However, not all of them are as effective as they are portrayed in the advertisements.  Most DIY products are inadequate to perform the task as effectively as the professional products used by the experts. Howbeit, the service providers are aware of the products that are not only effective but efficient as well. Hence, they can provide you with all the products that you require for your car maintenance. 3M Auto Specialty Cloth Glass Cleaner (Talbros Penray), Tyre N Dash Shine (Talbros Penray), Tyre Inflator (Talbros Penray) and PR3 – (Anti Rust, Anti Squeak) (Talbros Penray) are some of the renowned DIY car care products commonly suggested by experts.

Headlight Restoration

Ensuring clean headlights is essential for a safe drive. Especially during night time, the headlights play a crucial role in providing a clear view of the road. Unfortunately, due to prolonged use and exposure to different climatic conditions, gradual tear and wear reduce the effectiveness of the headlight. Clouding of the glass, scratches and accumulation of dirt are some of the common issues that reduce the brightness of the headlights. At a car detailing service provider, the highly trained engineers remove all scratches and dirt, and restore them back to their original condition.

Car detailing is eminent to ensure a long lifespan of the car. Whether it is replacing the car wiper blades or buying Exide or Amaron car battery online or offline, premium car detailing service providers like Car Fit Experts are your one stop solution so that your car is always in top-notch condition.