Planning Your Cruise Departure? Stay Over in Houston!

Gulf cruises are one of the hottest vacation options every year, and not just because they take you through some of the warmest tropical waters in the hemisphere. It’s also because very few other vacation options provide you with the opportunity to relax and have things entirely your way, and none of them do it while escorting you from site to site so you can see the best the region has to offer without ever going far from your room. If you’re looking at taking off for a cruise from Galveston, there are a lot of places to stay in the area. It’s just, they book up fast during the busy season, and Galveston is a beautiful but not large coastal town. On the other hand, Houston is a bustling metropolitan area with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of ways to kick off a vacation in party mode.

Convenient Transportation To Galveston

The biggest issue for many travelers when it comes to departure from Houston is transportation. In Galveston, local car rentals can easily be returned and in-town shuttles run from most accommodations, making it easy to see how you can plan for a cruise departure that doesn’t involve leaving a vehicle in long-term parking in the Texas sun. Luckily, Houston has the transit amenities that make it easy to get to the hot spots and there’s even a Houston to Galveston shuttle bus that can make sure you get to your departure site on time. No worries, no rental returns, and no long term parking.

Make Your Departure an Event To Remember

With entertainment, shopping, and even historic attractions, Houston provides something for everyone. You can get into the latest warm weather fashions before hitting the cruise deck, take the whole family to important sites, or let loose with friends as a way to kick off this year’s great adventure in the Gulf. Don’t miss out, book your stay today.