Technologies Volkswagen Invented for Enhancing Performance

Volkswagen is a name in the automotive industry that is associated with elegance and innovations that led others inspiring them with new ways of doing things.

The newly released Volkswagen vehicles are the best examples of such innovative technologies used in almost every aspect of its build, commented an auto expert whom we usually meet at several showrooms of prominent Volkswagen car dealerships in Bakersfield.

Here, we are limiting our discussion in the sphere of performance enhancing technologies that Volkswagen has implemented in its vehicle models. It includes engine technology that will performance with high horsepower and torque, while maintaining a high fuel economy, which has been a tough challenge for the automakers so far.

Tiptronic Transmissions

Most of the newly released vehicle by Volkswagen now are equipped with automatic transmissions with Tiptronicfeature that have more to add to the existing technical features that the automatic transmissions have.

Tiptronic, invented by Volkswagen is a feature to be added to that of the automatic transmissions that will allow the driver to override the automatic mode of the transmission simply by moving the lever into a second shift gate either by pushing the gear lever in the forward direction, or by pulling the lever backwards.

Tiptronic is a feature of automatic transmission that provides the driver with convenience of a manual gearbox. It also works as a layer of safety, during overtaking, when the engine speed has already reached it limit. This sportiness benefits the driver with usage of the engine at the time of sudden braking when there’s a bend to be taken or whileascending the up hills.


The DSG is yet anothertransmission system invented by Volkswagen that is composed of two transmissions that will make use of two clutches for two shafts of gear input. It is while driving in a particular gear, that the electronics of this system will automatically pre-select gears depending on the amount of load the engine is carrying. Therefore, the act of shifting gears takes place instantly and automatically without any loss of engine power, that usually used to happen while changing the gear, giving the act of gear changing a seamless character. This also helps in reducing the levels of noise resulting into smoother gearshifts.

Auto Hold Feature

The Auto Hold feature enables a functionality in the latest vehicle models of Volkswagen that works as an extension of the parking brakethat works electronically. The Auto Hold function is meant to prevent the Volkswagen vehicle from rolling accidentally while idling or when it is setting off. The Auto Hold is also meant to provide the drivers with the convenience and comfort while driving or while setting off, by enhancing the safety level. The system is made to operate through the ABS/ESP hydraulic unit. With the Auto Hold feature enabled in his car, a driver can take away his/her foot from the brake pedal while all the four wheel brakes are on. But the experts of the Volkswagen car dealers near Bakersfield suggest the drivers to reactivate the Auto Hold feature every time they start the car, to ensure better safety.