Outdoor Activities That You Can Enjoy in the Fall

When Driving

The fall season is an ideal time to enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends. The oppressive summer heat is over, and cool weather and colorful scenery are the perfect environments for outdoor activities. You can plant flower bulbs for the spring, take an off-road vehicle on the trails, visit a farm to pick fruit or spend time camping with the family.

Planting for the Spring

Fall is the perfect time to plan a garden for spring. If you planted a summer garden, most of your vegetables, herbs and annuals have probably run their course. Before the first freeze, you can plant spring bulbs that will begin to appear in mid-March.  Some of the options for spring bulbs include irises, tulips, snowdrops and daffodils.

Off-Road Driving

Another great way to enjoy the fall landscape is to take an exhilarating ride in an all-terrain vehicle. There are trails approved for ATVs around the country, and some only require a small entrance fee and proof of age. If you don’t own a vehicle for the trails, you can rent one from a professional company like atv off road driving Seattle WA.

Picking Apples, Pumpkins, or Pears

After an exciting ride on the trails, you can relax with the family and visit a nearby farm. For a small charge, you can pick apples, pumpkins or pears. Apple farms often have delicious apple cider for sale in October and November, and pumpkin patches sometimes offer pies, bread and toasted seeds to visitors.


Before the snow, ice and cold weather change the land, you may want to plan a camping trip with the family. The cool weather is ideal for outdoor grilling, hiking adventures, and lazy nights in front of the campfire. Before leaving, don’t forget to bring pest repellent. Until the first freeze, pests like chiggers and ticks can still torment campers.

Before the frigid weather sets in, you can experience several outdoor activities with your family and friends in the beauty of the fall.