Trucking Industry Thoughts, Auto

The trucking industry is very important in the United States as there’s always something that needs to get from one place to another. Although it is so vital for the nation, there’s a growing need for drivers. Without drivers, the industry will fail. Here are a few reasons why it’s hard to find willing drivers.


The requirements to become a trucker have become harder over the years. The need for different classes of CDL’s and endorsements make it somewhat difficult to understand exactly what is needed. For example, a driver must know his load as it pertains to hazardous materials since that requires an endorsement. It’s also mandatory that the driver have a physical done every year or two, causing those with unstable health to struggle.


The equity can be quite expensive to afford when you’re just starting out. A tractor and trailer can easily be in the six-figure range. While you can make this money back fairly easily with hard work, that initial cost can be hard to meet. You also have to think about possible repairs that you could run into or the potential of breakdowns that would require you to find a truck road service near me. Unexpected costs can hurt a self-employed driver and his business.


If you are an over-the-road driver, being away from family for days or even weeks at a time can be hard. You never know what delays you may incur or where you may be sent to. Some companies guarantee a certain number of days you are home, but if you’re looking for a steady nine-to-five job, this probably isn’t the thing for you.

Truckers are needed to keep the economy moving, allowing all types of things to be shipped nationwide. While the job needs drivers, make sure you think it through before becoming one.