We deliver Quality Car Covers throughout Europe

outdoor car cover

If quality counts, class is a requirement and passion is a must, then you think of autohoezen.com. We import car covers of Italian design in various luxury designs. Our company was born out of enthusiasm for special cars, both modern and classic. Our products are leading in the Benelux and are also exported to England, Germany, Spain. For company presentations, open days or exhibitions, but also for enthusiasts who want to protect their holy cow against the sun, rain and other influences. Our covers are made of strong and durable material; soft and dustproof; breathable; Waterproof and UV resistant.

Thanks to our experience, we know that not every outdoor car cover can be used under all circumstances. Wrong applications of materials can cause damage to the car. In certain circumstances, no car cover will suffice.  Because the circumstances determine the correct choice of car cover and differ from case to case, personal advice is actually indispensable. Anyone who has a warm heart for their car is therefore advised to be advised and not to purchase a car cover at random.  You will also find that warm heart for your car at autohoezen.com, where you will always receive honest advice.