What to Know Before Handing Over A Car to Your Teenager Son

If you have a child who is in high school and slowly inching towards adulthood, make sure you start treating him accordingly. He would want freedom and independence, and if you don’t respect his thought process, then chances are you will never be able to get close to him in the coming months. 

The first step towards strengthening the bond between you two is to stop treating him as a child anymore. He might want to drive your car around and show off a little bit to his friend. Instead of stopping him from doing so, focus on teaching him how to drive safely. This is the best you can do for him. 

Important Things to Know:

Before you hand over your car to him, have a close look at his driving skills. If you think he has a long way to go, get him admitted to some good teen drivers ed school where a skilled trainer can teach him the basics of safe driving and advanced methods to stay safe on the road. It’s not easy to find a driving school like this, so do proper research before making the final call. 

Go for a school that arranges pick and drop for teenagers. Also, it’s important for you to be present there so make sure you can be with your son when the trainer takes him to the road for driving lessons. These points have to be discussed well in advance, so whenever you shortlist a school, bring these points to the discussion and have a clarity beforehand. 

If these points are kept in mind, you will not only have a great experience but also be able to make your son learn driving in a safe and friendly way.