2020 GMC Terrain: An Expert Review

With every new season of vehicle launch and release, the season also starts for the auto experts to get busy. It is the time when they start evaluating and reviewing every new model, to make it easier for the prospective buyers making a choice.So whenGMC released the 2020 edition of its flagship crossover SUV modelTerrain, we first thought of consulting a group of auto experts at the showroom of the Salinas GMC dealership to know how worthy it will be for an investment.

Their answers came in detail and with all the required justification. So we thought of sharing the same with you all.The 2020 GMC Terrain joins the class of five-seat crossover SUV but makes its stand prominent with itsimpressive body style. Above that it matched its exterior good looks with an equally comforting interior cabin, making the model a better option as a family vehicle.

2020 Year Specialties

It is the year edition 2020 that begot the GMC Terrain a still higher fame. Thanks to the relevant cosmetic changes that GMC agreed to implement for its flagship model Terrain. As a result the 2020 GMC Terrain lineup sees a new paint color added to the existing palette while a premium appearance package option is seen offered on the Denali models. What came as an unexpected blow to the Terrain followers is the elimination of the turbodiesel engine thatwas available last year.

Apart from these there isn’t any significant change that deserves a mention here. GMC continues to dress up the 2020 Terrain lineup in the guises of SL, SLE, SLT, and Denali trim models that justifies the added price in terms of increasedcreature comforting features.

Safer Than Ever Before

For 2020 all GMC Terrain trim models come safeguarded with theautomakers own Pro Safety package that includes a forward collision warning, forward automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, lane departure warning working in tune with a following distance indicator. It also helps the driver with front pedestrian braking, as well as automatic high-beam headlights.

Engine Variants

The 2020 GMC Terrain looks apparently sleek and urban. But what it loads under the hood, make you look at it at a different angle.

The 2020 year lineup of GMC Terrain finally starts at the base model with a 1.5 liter turbocharged inline-4 engine and steps up to a 2.0-liter capacity of the same engine.Both the engines are given a 9-speed automatic transmission to mate with which comes as a standard transmission choice. When powered with the 2.0-liter variant of powerplant, the 2020 GMC terrain gets enough motivation to carry a weight of 3,500 pounds at its trail with ease. All the 2020 GMC Terrains are usually configured as front-wheel-drive models, though GMC allows the buyers to opt for all-wheel-drive on most versions, at a price.

The experts whom we consulted about the 2020 GMC Terrain at the showroom of the most popular GMC dealer near Salinas , they suggested the crossover model to be ideal for a family of four who often venture out on road trips and for unknown destinations.