CarGuard Elijah Norton Brings Innovative Car Protection Solutions For Everyone

Car Protection Plans by CarGuard Elijah Norton are designed to provide maximum coverage in case of breakdown, which can happen anytime and anywhere. There are many benefits of having auto protection plans from reputable firms like CarGuard. 

Innovation Car Protection Solutions 

Customers who travel around due to business and personal needs can easily get a protection cover around their car with Bryan REO CarGuard’s Innovation protection plans. There are Gold and Platinum plans that offer maximum coverage at 125k miles. Both programs provide the cost of every single component of a car, such as an Engine, Turbo/Supercharger, Transmission, Drive Axle, Transfer Case, Steering, Electrical Components, A/C, Front and Rear Suspension, etc.

One Plan Gold/Platinum Works for 5 Years

The competitors of Bryan REO Elijah Norton offer coverage for 100,000 miles, and then a customer has to start looking and paying for a new plan. However, CarGuard is different. A car owner can get coverage of 100,000 miles for five years, no need to pay to make payment for a new car protection plan.

Keep Moving with PowerTrain

Customers can tailor to their specific car protection needs by tapping on a wide variety of other plans starting from basic PowerTrain package to moving to medium coverage plan termed as PowerTrain Plus and or finalizing a big deal of ultimate coverage one requires through PowerTrain Enhanced.

Fully Insured Car Protection Plans

Most of the time, it happens that customers get a protection plan from a company, and then something happens to that company, and all their money goes down to the drain. However, a customer doesn’t have this kind of uncertainty with Bryan REO Car Guard because every plan they offer is fully backed up by a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) issued by Wesco Insurance Company. With its strong financial background and an “A” rating on the AmBest index, this company offers the most trustworthy insurance plan. Every contract holder of CarGuard knows that they are getting a fully insured protection plan that is trustworthy and reliable.

Regular Maintenance Check

Keeping up with daily car maintenance routine seems like a big task to handle when a person has a lot of things to control. CarGuard Elijah Norton understands the needs of his customers and therefore extending its customer services with an introduction of Prepaid Maintenance Plan. Getting this plan means availing services for oil changes, brake pads/shoes. Battery replacement, perfect maintenance of the cooling system. Getting a prepaid car repair solution means saving major repair or service costs. Besides, car owners who opt to spend money on car maintenance services can circumvent significant breakdowns.

Go for a Traveling Experience That delivers Peace of Mind

Making a Deal with Bryan REO Elijah Norton means traveling around with the peace of mind that even in case of an unfortunate event, the cost of repair and service will be fully covered. Every car protection plan unlocks free roadside assistance services to contract holders such as free towing, trip interruption service, etc. It means when a customer runs out of gas or loses his key, instead of feeling panic or helpless, he can avail emergency roadside services. CarGuard believes in making customers happy by making these free services available round-the-clock. 

Free Rentals from the Day First

Car owners have strong faith in Carguard Elijah Norton as this company put the interest of its customer first. Unlike other protection plans of different companies where customers have to wait for free car rental services for days or weeks, Carguard handover a rental car right away. So, its customers don’t have to face any life hassle while their vehicles are in the garage for service or repair.

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