Fat Bicycle Beach Riding: Simple Upgrades You Need to Boost Your Experience

If you are hearing the term fat biking for the first time, you should know that it’s not so different from mountain biking. Actually, the difference is the tires. Instead of the traditional 2-3” tires that standard mountain bikes use, fat bicycles use 4-6” tires. Since the tires are wider than usual, these bikes are such a great choice for the beach terrain. You can ride over sand more comfortably without sinking. But to have a better cycling experience on the beach, you need to upgrade your fat bicycle. Here are some simple upgrades that you should consider:

  1. Biking Gear

It’s very important that you pick the right biking gear to not only improve your cycling experience but also for safety reasons. For starters, you need to get a comfortable helmet to protect your head. Next, you should get a pair of comfortable cycling shoes. Additionally, you need to get the right jersey, shorts, and gloves to wear when you go biking.

  1. Strong Rims

You might be having a pair of new tires but if the rims are not stronger, then you can’t really enjoy cycling on the beach. Besides, you risk your rims bending or breaking. So, if you are heavy cyclist, you have to upgrade to stronger rims. They’ll not only make it easy for you to cycle but will also serve you for long.

  1. Bike Grips

The hands are normally actively involved when cycling. So, you need to ensure that you to get enough grips when holding the bike handles. Since the grips come in varying thickness, colors, and textures, it boils down to individual taste and style. So, you should get bike grips that you feel are good for you.

  1. New Pedals

If you have been using your fat bike for a while, you should check the pedals to make sure they are not worn out. If they are, then you should upgrade them. Make sure that the new pair provides you with enough contact and grip so that you can pedal easier on the beach.

  1. Fatty Fork

A beach surface is generally considered a rough terrain when it comes to cycling. So, you need biking fork to improve your experience. They’ll give you more adjustment advantages. You’ll be able to go for long treks and beat climbs on and off the beach much easier.

  1. Comfortable Saddle

To prevent saddle sores, you have to ensure that your saddle is wide and comfortable. If it’s not, then you should consider upgrading it. Look for a comfy saddle online that suits your personal taste. It’ll even make it easier for you to pedal.

  1. Drive Chain

A drive chain generally makes cycling on the beach much easier. However, it’s likely to wear with time. For this reason, you have to consider upgrading it. A good upgrade will enable you to enjoy a smoother ride without having to put in the extra effort.

These upgrades may be simple and cheap but they are really crucial in boosting your beach cycling experience. Whether you are cycling for fun or for exercise purposes, you should be able to enjoy. That’s what makes fat biking different from traditional mountain biking.