4 Top Ways to Escape in a Bullet Proof Car

The primary function of armored vehicles is to provide protection to you and your loved ones during an attack while on the road. When you decide to invest in an armored car for the sake of protection, you have just made the best decision ever. It reduces the threat, especially during vulnerable situations. During such situations, it is important you learn and master your machine so that protecting yourself and your family, as well as your machine can become easier while you also make a quick escape anytime you are faced with attacks.

#1: Create A Plan

In order to successfully achieve an objective, it is important you create a plan and work on the plan. In the case of a bulletproof car, your plan should include things that will keep you safe. Whenever you want to escape an attack, your priority should always be to be safe. Knowing how to appropriately respond to a heavy fire, carjacking and terrorist attack will go a long way in helping you boldly combat any situation.

In such situations, don’t panic because it won’t allow you to think clearly. Instead, device a solid plan and have that in your mind.

#2: Stay Calm

It doesn’t matter the type of bulletproof car you are driving – even if it’s the Troy Armoring armored SUVs – it is important that you stay as calm as possible when you are being attacked. Slowly breathe in an out to relax and gain composure. Although this can be difficult in some cases, especially in a very stressful one, you however, need to stay calm as you bear in your mind that you are driving an armored car and your protection is guaranteed.

#3: Keep Your Eyes Straight Ahead

Another thing you need to learn is resisting the temptation to look back. No matter what the situation is, do not look back. Put all your attention on the road ahead as this will help you concentrate on the best escape strategy to use. When you refuse to pay attention to your attackers and stay focused on the road ahead, your attackers will surely start chasing you. But refusing to be distracted will help you avoid an unexpected accident.

#4: Get A Bulletproof Glass

You need to make sure your armored car is equipped with a bulletproof glass. Such vehicles with bulletproof glass can withstand shots from various angles as well as explosives of various capacities.

It is not enough to own a bulletproof car; you need to know effective ways to carry out the things. If you will not be driving yourself, make sure the driver you intend hiring also has an experience about security and protecting target victims.