How to Protect Yourself from Predatory Towing When You Drive a Car

There are instances when drivers illegally park their vehicles for speedy convenience. Companies for towing talladega al affiliated with the property owner are licensed to tow the parked vehicle away for storage. Some towing companies, however, remove vehicles without upholding any specific authorization agreement. Their business practices override state and local law for the sake of maximizing profit. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from unauthorized towing.

Understand the Laws

Laws that concern towing are fairly relaxed in most jurisdictions. If a vehicle transport agency towed your vehicle without authorization, you’ll need to check the local laws to determine if you’re able to collect claims. In California, for example, you’re entitled to recover four times the amount of fees charged by the towing company. In the process of your car being towed, most jurisdictions require that the agency must release the car back to you without charging you an additional fee.

Be Wary of Scams

Some towing operators try to scam you for additional profit by taking advantage of your vulnerability. If you’re involved in a crash, the operator’s driver might convince you to give them your car for body or engine repairs. They might charge high fees for poor quality repairs that don’t help keep your car running for long. Some companies attempt to charge a gate fee for a worker to open the gate that leads to the storage unit, where towed vehicles are kept. Unfortunately, towing scams are a problem you may need to confront.

Read Towing Signs

Credible towing agencies make sure they post signage on authorized property. They understand that drivers sometimes may park at the wrong spot by accident without taking advantage of the driver’s mistake. Agencies post signs that explain parking restrictions in detail and keep them visible by the property’s entrance for all drivers to see. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to read the posted signage.

In some jurisdictions, state and local laws harshly penalize predatory towing practices. However, it’s safer to take precautions by knowing whether your vehicle was legally confiscated so that you’re not taken advantage of by predatory companies.