3 Tips for New Vehicle Owners for Beginner Drivers

As a new boat owner, you surely feel excited enough to hop on your boat to enjoy a day out in the water. However, there are legal regulations you have to follow in order to avoid unexpected penalties. The responsibilities that come with owning a boat may feel overwhelming to you. Consider following some key tips before taking your first trip.

Measure the Boat’s Capacity

Understanding basic safety goes beyond buying the most efficient boat equipment. Consider the boat’s size to determine the capacity limit for the number of passengers by multiplying the length and width before dividing the sum by 15. For example, if you buy a cruiser boat that is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, you’d divide 800 by 15 and roughly get 53. You don’t want to allow more than 53 people on the cruiser due to the limited weight capacity.

Consider Insurance Coverage

You don’t want to leave the boat’s marine pumps running when the boat is stationary. This can permanently damage your engine, rendering the boat useless. Similar incidences can happen if you’re not careful. The worst case scenarios cause personal injury and property damage, which can only be resolved by prior preparation. Before getting maritime insurance, make sure to choose a reliable insurance firm and consider their options carefully.

Familiarize With Boating Words

Some boat owners use their boat to run a business. Others use their boat for sporting competitions. In emergency cases, it’s ideal to know some basic words to signal other boats on the water. You should know that the starboard refers to the boat’s right side that looks ahead. Referring to specific commands, like ahead when you’re moving forward, helps other boat owners know where you’re heading so they can provide the right of way.

Other tips you should follow require basic common sense. Responsible boat owners know the steps involved in taking care of a boat, involving issues that range from understanding capacity limits to the scope of insurance coverage.