How To Set Up Your Shop for Your Hot Rod Auto

Whether you customize cars for a hobby or are looking to start your own customization business, you should take care of some storage and equipment concerns to set the shop up correctly. Your workspace is a blank slate, and knowing what to put into it is half of the battle.


Mechanic storage units and shelving for smaller tools and parts is an excellent place to start, so is mapping everything out with tape and accurate measurements before anchoring any fixtures. It is an excellent idea to organize your parts storage with the uses in mind; for instance, you will want to keep replacement engine gaskets close to the hoist with enough space to work around the engine. You will also want to know where to get parts for various projects, so having the contact information for your 90 degree breather Walnut CA machining company close to your computer and phone, such as on a bulletin board, can save you time and hassle.


While most mechanics would love to outfit a shop with all the bells and whistles, such as vehicle lifts, hydraulic systems and pneumatic tools from the start, you may have to add to your collection as you go. It helps to make a list of what you want and prioritize that list by need; for instance, a hydraulic lift system may be necessary for your company, but it may not be worth the investment in money and space for home hobbyists. You can also source tools and equipment from second-hand marketplaces or companies which are getting an upgrade.

Setting up your shop to restore or customize your hot rod will look differently depending on if it is a business or your home hobby space. Still, both types of shops will depend on what storage and equipment you want to have. Marking the layout of shelves, equipment and bulky tools can help you determine where to put everything and which items to focus on first.