Removing a Car Engine for Rebuilding

If you’re a car person, the thrill of owning a vehicle extends beyond merely driving it. Gearheads love to get into the grease up to their elbows, making repairs, replacing parts and adding new equipment. For many amateur mechanics, the ultimate job is a total engine rebuild. It’s ambitious and time-consuming but when finished successfully, it provides a great feeling of satisfaction. Before you can rebuild that motor, you have to get it out of the car.

A Thorough Cleaning

You’re excited and ready to go. You may even have some of the parts you need, cylinder head & valve equipment or new manifolds. But before you pull the engine, do yourself a favor and give it a good cleaning. Removing all of the grease and grime will make disconnecting parts and loosening bolts much easier.

Get Organized

Place all of the tools you are going to need neatly on a workbench so you have easy access. This includes car manuals and other helpful books. It’s also a good idea to have another person on hand to assist. Having containers and tubs to place bolts and small parts in will keep them from getting lost.

Getting It Out

The first thing to do is remove the hood. The first component to disconnect is the battery. You don’t want to get shocked. Carefully begin disconnecting other components and hoses. Take pictures or make drawings so you know how things go back together. Have your hoist ready. You will then have to take out the transmission and motor mount bolts. The car and transmission should be supported on jack stands. Connect the hoist to the cylinder head lifting points and carefully raise the engine out of the car.

Rebuilding an engine is a fun challenge for people who like to work on cars. The first step is removing it. Take your time and work carefully. It’s also a good idea to talk to someone who has done it before. With a little planning, it can be successful.