Important things to consider when maintaining a pallet truck

One of the most popular pieces of equipment used in UK warehouses is the pallet truck. They are sometimes referred to as pump trucks amongst other names however they all do the same job.

Pump trucks are used in a number of industries in the country and are present in locations where pallets are stored or moved around. Because of how often they are used it is important that they are well maintained and looked after.

The Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) Puts a responsibility on the employers to provide the required levels of maintenance and service for lifting equipment.

So a good procedure should always be employed to maintain and look after your pallet trucks.

Be sure to check the oil level of your truck every six months and make sure to top it up or replace every year. It is recommended to use hydraulic oils for pallet trucks, and if other oil is used the truck may become difficult to pump up as other oil is likely to be too thick.

In every workplace, a pleasant environment makes it nicer to work for everyone. The surface on which the pallet trucks are used is very important to the wheels. Dirt can get stuck in the wheels and can result in the wheels wearing a lot quicker than normal. This can be prevented by checking and cleaning them regularly and removing any dirt.

Avoiding curbs and steps when using the truck is also advisable even if taking a short cut seems a good idea at the time. Take a detour and avoid potentially damaging the wheels because you want to take a quicker route. Finally overloading your truck can also affect the wheels, so take an extra journey if it means the truck isn’t too heavy and thus potentially seriously damaging the wheels. There are a number of things to look out for when the time has come to replacing the wheels. This can include flat spots on the tread as well as broken or cracked wheels. Continuing to use the truck when these occur can seriously damage the truck further and put yourself at risk too.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining the pallet truck is to ensure all employees use it in the correct and safest way. Don’t use the truck on a slope and it might seem obvious but let go of it. When moving the truck set the operating level in the drive position. Doing this means the drawbar moves easily and the pressure in the hydraulic pump section lowers. This protects the seals and the components of the valve. When you have finished using the truck, make sure it is unloaded and in the lowest position.

As mentioned above with regards to the wheels, never overload the pallet truck and be sure to observe the maximum rated lifting capacity. This final point is very important for your own safety but also for the truck.

By following some of the above tips you prolong the life of the pallet truck. By using it correctly, checking the wheels and the oil amongst other things, in the long run it will save you time any unnecessary expenses.