This is the Average Cost of DPF Replacement Filters

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) indicator is an important part of vehicle maintenance. When this indicator light comes on, it indicates that the DPF filter of the vehicle is no longer clean and requires attention.

When this happens, the vehicle requires a manual or static regeneration performed by a professional. While some people might hesitate to take their car in for maintenance, this is important for preventing long-term complications down the road. If this cleaning is delayed, it could lead to expensive filter damage.

The Importance of DPF Filter Cleaning

DPF filter cleaning is important because it traps carbon particles and keeps them out of the cabin of the car. These particles, if they enter the vehicle, could lead to impure air and even health complications.

Like the other filters of the car, they must be cleaned in order to keep them operating at full capacity. Typically, the car carries out the process of cleaning the filter on its own. Most modern emissions system do this.

Unfortunately, DPF filters might need to be regenerated manually from time to time. This is sometimes required if a fault develops within the DPF filter that prevents the engine from cleaning it automatically.

The Cost of DPF Replacement Filters

Those who delay this cleaning process might end up needing to replace their DPF filter completely. The cost of a DPF replacement filter will depend on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the damage to the filter itself.

Depending on the model, DPF filter replacements could cost more than $1,000. Because of this, it is important for anyone requiring a DPF filter regeneration to have this performed by a professional as quickly as possible. This will prevent the filter and the vehicle from developing long-term damage.