Install a wheelchair lift available in different styles

The consumer and the commercial vehicles require a wheelchair lift for convenience. The consultants are available who provide a complete assessment of the wheelchair and its type. There are also many other considerations like the weight requirements and the travel lifestyle. The consultants will install for you the wheelchair lift and will provide you with one year warranty.

Types of wheelchair lift

  • Exterior wheelchair lift – The Wheelchair Lift that has an exterior stowage save with interior space is installed in the vehicle. This is easy to push with a button. These are designed in such a way that they can accommodate any type of vehicle.
  • Interior auto lifts – This type has an interior stowage that can be used in mini vans; they are also installed in full size vans and pickup trucks. They can be accommodated in various scooter and power chair sizes that is very convenient to use.
  • Power wheelchair lifts – This will allow you to retain all the cargo and the seating space. The exterior wheelchair that is installed requires a hitch.
  • Truck wheelchair lift – This makes both lifting and storing of the wheelchair almost effortless. There are a variety of lifts that can accommodate different length cabs.
  • Full size van wheelchair lift – These are full sized vans that are either dual post or may be single post. The one that is dual post uses two hydraulic arms and also a sturdier platform for more strength. A single post split platform lift will allow an access to entry way.

The vehicle Wheelchair Lift is something that actually improves your life in different ways. It has all the mobility accessories and it also reduces the time and effort that you and your family might have to extend. The advancement of technology has a huge impact on the models of wheelchairs. They are light, durable and easy to operate.