Eight Keys to Rent A Car Without Taking Surprises

It is essential to book early, find out what the insurance covers and calmly review the vehicle, but there are also other important details.

When the comes time to rent a car, many doubts arise: what does the insurance cover? How to return the deposit? Who can drive it? These and other questions have an answer: eight keys for renting a car. Get it right from the start.

#1: Book in advance

During the summer months, it is advisable not to get distracted and reserve the car sufficiently in advance. In this way, there will be many more possibilities to find the vehicle that is needed. To find the best deals you can use comparators, but you should also visit the company’s website in particular to see all the details of the rental.

Normally, official websites allow you to do all the paperwork, so if you want, you will only need to pick up the car at the office. If you are yet to find a good rental company, you can check out Location Decarie.

#2: Review insurance coverage

This is one of the fundamental points: the coverage included in the rental contract must be very clear. In addition to mandatory third-party insurance, the most common is that car rental companies include partial coverage for theft and collision damage.

However, the franchises are usually very high (a minimum of 600 or 700 dollars) and there are also many cases in which the coverage loses validity. You must inform yourself of all the details or, better yet, hire additional protection that includes all damages (and without deductible).

#3: Check the condition of the vehicle well

When picking up the car, it is essential to check that the car does not have any damage to its body or interior. If any anomaly is detected, the rental company must be informed so that it appears on the inspection sheet which will save you some misunderstandings when returning the car. In its delivery, it is also convenient to check that it has no damage to avoid charges of the rented company.

#4: Keep the signed documentation

During the duration of the rental, it is essential to keep a copy of all the documentation signed with the company, that is, the contract and the inspection sheet that is made to the car before picking it up and returning it.

#5: A second driver? Rate it well

It is not uncommon for drivers to take turns on long trips, and this can become an inconvenience in a rental car. To avoid problems in case of a fine or accident, do not forget to notify the rental company that there will be an additional driver. In that case, it is added to the contract and everyone is covered.

#6: Mileage and fuel: watch the details

A trip can be full of unforeseen events, so it is best to make sure that the mileage is unlimited. If this is not the case by default, it will be better to add the clause before the trip, because the cost per kilometer (when the agreement is exceeded) is usually very high. As for fuel, each company can establish its particular conditions, but the most usual thing is that the car is received with a full tank and must be delivered in the same way. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the fuel that is missing.