Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Interior With Chevy Seat Covers

It works hard for you and you trust its durability – inside and out. So, it’s important to properly maintain your upholstery. After cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s seats, consider purchasing high-quality, custom-fitted upholstery coverings to ensure that the interior is protected for years to come. And Chevy seat covers come in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, so you can choose the style and design that fits your personal taste-and your lifestyle. Maintaining Your Auto Seats Whether your seats are covered in fabric upholstery, vinyl or leather, they quickly begin to show wear-often while your vehicle’s exterior still looks new. As seats begin to get dirty from grit, gravel and pet hair, dirt is ground into the seat’s covering-and into the foam, below. Other irritants, like pant grommets, pant zippers and pet claws, may also cause damage to auto seats. Your interior is compromised even further by the daily effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays-especially if you can’t regularly garage your car. All of this abuse adds up to cracks, tears, fading and pilling. But did you know that it’s preventable? First of all, make sure you’re cleaning your automobile seats on a regular basis. One to two times a month is ideal. Begin by thoroughly vacuuming your seats, paying special attention the crack where the seat back meets the bench.

You may wish to use a brush attachment on your vacuum hose to prevent scratching or tearing of seats. After vacuuming the passenger and driver seats, you may need to use upholstery or leather spot cleaners to stain-treat them, especially if you haven’t had the vehicle detailed in awhile. (As an aside, try treating difficult marks with Windex or another window cleaner. It’s inexpensive, and very useful for stain removal.) Allow seats to dry thoroughly. Selecting Chevy Seat Covers for Your Vehicle When your vehicle’s seats are clean and dry, Chevy seat covers go a long way to complementing your automobile’s interior. Velour, neoprene or fabric covers work well if you’re concerned about sticking to your seats when it’s hot, but vinyl and leatherette options are especially great if you have children or carpoolers who frequently spill. In addition, leatherette covers tend to lend a look of sophistication to even the oldest used vehicles. If the seat covers are too small, they may wear quickly or pop off from being overly stretched. If you choose a seat cover that is too large, however, grit can get underneath and cause further damage to existing upholstery. If you’re unsure about which size or fabric option is best for your needs, though, it’s best to contact a quality seat cover dealer for customized assistance.

The Chevrolet Camaro Car Cover! What Weather Conditions Can Your Standard Cover Stand Against?

Everyone rants and raves about nature and how amazing it is. This is undeniable; nature is truly wondrous. However cars, and their owners are probably not the biggest fans of nature. The thing is that cars and nature just don’t go together. Practically none of nature’s weather schemes are good for the car. Not the sun, rain, wind, snow, and probably everything in between. The sun causes the car to overheat. An overheated car is unbearably stuffy to drive, and also the internal workings of the car get ruined when the car is overheated. In addition, the UV rays from the sun bleach the car’s exterior and make it look old and worn out well before it’s time. The high levels of acid in today’s rain means that the paintwork disintegrates in the rain. The car’s exterior is left with horrible watermarks and chipped paint. It’s not a very pleasant sight to behold. Wind is no better. As the wind flies around the place, it whips up with it all sorts of ‘goodies’. Sticks, stones and other bits of rubble get caught up in the storm and as they fly past, the scratch and dent cars. These small little nicks and dings everywhere are unsightly, and cost a pretty penny to fix up. Other natural annoyances like tree sap, bird droppings and the like, all manage to park themselves on cars. These stains leave long lasting marks on the car that are still visible long after the car has been cleaned. People who are fortunate enough to own a Chevy Camaro, will be on this list of car owners who dislike mother nature. A Camaro is not to be sneezed at, and their owners like to take good care of them. They don’t need all their hard work, and well earned money going down the drain, whilst watching their beloved Camaro wither away before their eyes. That’s why most Camaro owners, will also own a Camaro outdoor car cover. These car covers will protect the Camaro from getting ruined whilst parked. Aside from the sizing, there are different materials, and therefore types, of covers. They all possess different qualities so that there is a car cover for every vehicle, climate and environment. However, it is not necessarily the ideal Camaro cover for one kept indoors, and so therefore, it may be a waste of money. Either way, a car cover is a worthwhile investment, or it has found it self extremely useful, and keeps their prize possession in the best condition possible.

Practice Safe Parking – Cover Yours Up

The world is full of hazards. Walk down the wrong alley in Queens, and an air conditioner can fall out a window and turn your brains into sidewalk art. Eat a badly filleted puffer fish, and you’ll be face down on the table before they serve the green tea mochi. Get out of bed in the morning, and a black mamba might sink its veins into your ankle. The potential risks are nearly limitless. However, it’s mighty unlikely that a venomous snake is chilling under your Ethan Allen platform bed. Some dangers are far too remote to worry about. Besides, there are plenty of real risks to watch out for during your everyday activities. One of the deadliest of all: parking in a lot without a car cover. You might be thinking to yourself: well, most Chevys and Dodges in parking lots aren’t draped in a Chevy car cover or a Dodge car cover. You’re right. They aren’t. But have you taken a close look at most Chevys and Dodges next to you in the parking lot? They’re as pock marked as Charles Bukowski’s cheeks – forever scarred from years of runaway shopping carts, door body-checks and fender-benders. Why? Because they left themselves exposed not only to other drivers, but also to the elements.

Most of the problems your car, truck or SUV faces in a parking lot are manmade. Not to speak ill of others, but a lot of people out there simply don’t know how to respect other people’s property. They don’t pay attention to how wide they’re opening their door, and all of a sudden you’ve got a jagged red line indented into your oyster white finish. It happens every minute of every day. Now, you could either leave your car parked at home and take public transportation like a hippie, or you could take some proactive measures to defend your property. Like a mobile garage, a car cover puts up a solid line of defense between your auto and the world around you. Not only does it provide some cushion against the minor pushin’ of car doors, it also blocks harsh sunlight from scorching the clear coat and giving your hood and roof a case of automotive eczema. Plus, covers stop gooey bird drizzle and sticky tree sap from leaching into your paintjob. When you’re looking around for a cover, one thing to consider is the thickness of the fabric. While a thinner material is easier to slip on and off, it won’t absorb impacts as well as a thicker cover.

Protecting Your Chevy Truck Seats

One of the great on-the-road ironies is that while you’re sitting comfortably in your seat driving along, the seat itself is going through a huge amount of abuse. From dirty clothes to wet swimsuits, slobbering pets, kids eating in the backseat and the harsh sunlight shining in, there are a lot of potential options out there to ruin or wear out your great looking seats. And if something horrible has happened to your interior you could be looking at a very expensive re-upholstery. One proactive solution to all of these problems is to find yourself some good custom seat covers for your Chevy. Protecting your seats with a snug fitting seat cover will take away the worry of staining your car seats or being embarrassed by ripped, tattered and unkempt upholstery. Not only will you be taking care of your seats now, but they will look great too! There are a couple things that you want to know before you start shopping your Chevy seat covers.

The first thing to figure out is the type of seat that you have in your vehicle. For Chevy trucks there are only a couple of options. The front seat application usually fits into one of these descriptions: Low Back Buckets w/ Adjustable Headrests, Low Back Buckets w/ Seatbelt Through Seat, High Back Buckets, 40/20/40 Split Bench, or 60/40 Split Bench. For any type of bucket seat, make sure you know if you have adjustable/removable headrests. Also, note the number of armrests on each seat if there are any and if the armrests are attached to the seat on the outside, or inset to fold up into the seat. The 40/20/40 and 60/40 benches can also come with Pull Out Arm/Consoles. Make sure that you note this when ordering to be sure that you receive the correct custom pattern to fit your seat.

The rear seat applications are generally going to be one of three types: 60/40 Split Benches, 50/50 Split Benches, or a Solid Bench. Once you have all of this information, you’re ready to move on to the next decision which is “What type of covers do I need?”. Now you need to decide what it is that is your main concern when protecting your seat covers. Are you using your truck for industry work and moving a lot of tools and guys in muddy work boots around? If that’s the case I suggest looking into either OEM or Vinyl seat covers. These are the most popular type of covers for industry vehicles, with many fleet & maintenance managers buying custom fit OEM or Vinyl seat covers to help maintain the vehicle’s resale value.

Or, are you more worried about the wet kids jumping in after a swim or spilling drinks on the drive? In this case, you might be more interested in a waterproof Neoprene seat cover. Or maybe for a bit more fun look into Hawaiian seat covers. Whatever your specific needs are, I hope this helps you find the perfect Chevy Seat Cover.

Unique Accessories for Your Classic Car

Accessories are a great way to enhance the look of your classic car. A custom horn or stereo will make your car stand out at the next car show or cruise night you attend. These accessories will enhance the look and appeal of your car. Before installing any of these accessories be sure to read some car restoration manuals to see if your car has a 12-volt electrical system. Some older cars do not have this type of electrical system. If that is the case, electrical system modifications will need to be made before installing some of these classic car accessories. Car Gauges/Instruments – Custom speedometers and tachometers are a great way to enhance the interior of your classic car. A lot of gauges come with features such as LED lighting and nostalgic instrument layouts. Look for custom gauges that compliment the overall look of your vehicle.

Car Cover Kingdom sells a wide variety of car horns. eBay Motors is another good site. Popular horn sounds include Dixie/Dukes of Hazard, La Cucaracha and the God Father theme. Stereos/iPods- Who says your car has to be limited to an AM radio or an 8-track cassette player. Adding a custom stereo to your vehicle will allow you to listen to an iPod. Vintage Car Radio is a company that specializes in custom stereos for classic cars. Companies such as Balking and Griffin offer power and cassette adaptors that allow you to connect an iPod to your car’s stereo. Car DVD Player – If an iPod is not enough for your classic car, you may want to check out a DVD player. Most of the major car stereo manufacturers now sell stereos that allow you to watch DVD movies. If you plan on installing a DVD player in your vehicle, be sure it has a 12-volt electrical system. Just Car DVD Players has a large selection. Navigation System – Adding a navigation system to your car is a great accessory, especially if you easily get lost. For classic cars, you have two options. You can install an in-dash system, which is similar to a car DVD Player. Or you can purchase a hand-held unit. Hand-held units are great if your car doesn’t have a 12-volt electrical system. Garmin and Tom-tom offer a variety of GPS navigation options with rechargeable batteries. Car Alarms – Installing an alarm in your vehicle provides some extra protection when you’re not around. Adding an alarm is important because it’s easier to pick locks on older vehicles. This is especially true if you have not changed the original key and lock system on your vehicle. If you decide to buy an aftermarket car alarm, be sure your classic car has a 12-volt electrical system. Floor Mats – Custom floor mats may not seem unique, but a nice set of custom mats will really enhance the interior of your vehicle. Many auto carpet specialists will embroider Ford, Chevy and other logos onto the mats for a custom look. Auto Carpet Originals as well as eBay Motors sell a variety of custom floor mats. Of course, there’s the added benefit that floor mats protect the interior of your car from dirt and mud.