TPMR: How To Choose The Right Vehicle?

There are currently many wheelchairs accessible vehicles on the market, and it is often difficult to find the right wheelchair vehicle for our needs. Indeed, the choice of this type of vehicle and its numerous equipment differs according to the pathology and the desires of the person with reduced mobility and his companions. But, through this article, we will help you and accompany you in your research. Likewise, we are organizing a special TPMR webinar to discover all our vehicles live.

What Are The Types Of TPMR?

After having ideally determined your criteria and needs, you must now choose your TPMR vehicle, and for that, the choice is varied and for all budgets: from the minivan to the minibus.

1 – The Ludo Space

In this category of TPMR vehicles, you will find the most popular of all, the Peugeot Rifter TPMR Horizon, the Volkswagen Caddy TPMR, the Peugeot Partner TPMR or the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Freedom.

This type of vehicle is ideal for people who want a family and compact TPMR. Its average size offers all the advantages of a light commercial vehicle and sufficient space to accommodate a person in a wheelchair. Very functional and more and more up-to-date, recreational spaces will meet the needs of the whole family.

2 – Large Minivans

Large MPVs are often the most popular wheelchair vehicles due to their size and interior space. Indeed, some large minivans can accommodate up to 7 seats and two people in wheelchairs. In addition, thanks to their large volumes, people in wheelchairs can position themselves next to passengers, thus offering more user-friendliness.

3 – Travel To The Front

For people wanting a vehicle other than a minibus or an MPV / MPV, we offer another alternative: the Jeep Renegade Mobility. In particular, it offers the possibility for a person in a wheelchair to sit directly at the front passenger level and in the driver’s position. Indeed, it is today the only SUV produced and developed in France for wheelchair driving.

4 – Other TPMR Vehicles

Apart from its two types of TPMR cars, it is also possible to convert or fit-out “van” or “passenger transport” type vehicles. Indeed, vehicles with 6, 8, or 9 seats now have MPV-type finishes. The comfort and space onboard make them highly sought-after vehicles for people in wheelchairs. However, it is necessary to be very careful about the dimensions of passage in the side, rear and interior doors, which will be decisive in the vehicle’s compatibility for the wheelchair user and its user. Search for New York scooter accessable van rentals