3 Clever Ways To Market Your Real Estate Business, Vehicle Lettering Barrington Il

The real estate business is highly competitive. One secret to success is getting your name circulated in public so those looking to buy or sell a home will remember you when they need assistance. Here are three clever ways to market yourself and your business without spending a lot of money.

Advertise on Your Vehicle

You devote a large portion of your day to driving your car between properties, and it is parked for hours on the street in front of your open houses. Why not use it as an advertisement? Contact a company that does vehicle lettering Barrington IL and have them design an ad or two for your car. Make sure to include your name and phone number so potential clients know how to reach you.

Engage on Instagram

Instagram has helped many people expand their business. You can partner with an influencer who has thousands of followers to promote your company and the high level of service you offer your clients. Another method is to regularly share interesting content on your Instagram Stories to entice people to read your information and continually return for more. A high number of visitors to your page alerts the Instagram algorithm of your popularity, resulting in more exposure on the platform you aren’t paying extra for. Polls, giveaways and contests on Instagram are another way to engage with potential and existing customers.

Join Organizations

Join local organizations that support missions you are passionate about and take the time to meet and get to know as many members as possible at the meetings. Put your business expertise to work by volunteering to lead a committee or speak at one of the events. Always look for ways you can help the group or any of the people in it.

Try one or more of these ideas to increase your name recognition and market your real estate business.