Audi A5 cars recalled in Australia

In 2019, car owners who have purchased the Audi A5 car from the German manufacturer Volkswagen should be aware of the news about the Audi A5 recall, so that they can check if their vehicle is in the list of cars which have to be fixed as part of the recall. The auto safety regulators in Australia like in other countries review the design and accidents in which vehicles are involved, and are recalling the vehicles if they do not conform to safety norms. For Audi A5 cars in Australia, the recalls are related to different car problems like fire hazard, tyre safety and incorrectly tightened bolts.

The biggest recall in terms of numbers is for Audi Australia is for Audi A4 and A5 cars with year of manufacture 2015, 2016. These cars are fitted with a TFSI 3.0 EA387 Evo V6 engine. It is observed that fuel can escape from the fuel rails on one or both sides of the engine at low pressure. Due to this fuel leak, fumes can enter the cabin, and if a source of ignition is present, it could result in a fire, which can cause injuries to the occupants of the car. This fault has been detected in a total of 141 Audi A5 and A4 cars.

In another recall, a manufacturing defect has been observed in Audi A5 cars manufactured between September 2017 and June 2018 . The cars are fitted with Maxx RT 20 inch, Noise shield tyres, type 265/30 manufactured by Dunlop. It is observed that tread chunking occurs, with chunks of the tyre tread falling off at speeds which are close to the maximum permissible speed of the car. This does not comply with the test approval norms, which are part of the relevant Australian safety norms for tyres. The auto safety regulator in Australia has identified a total of 27 cars which are affected.

A small number of Audi A5 cars manufactured in 2018 are also recalled according to the car manufacturer. There are a number of bolted connections at the front axle, and these individual connections are not tightened at the right torque. Hence over a period of time, as the car is used for driving over distances, the connections may become lose, and the control of the wheels could be adversely affected. The manufacturer claims that only five cars are affected by this problem, and will contact the car owners separately. The fix may involve replacement of the suspension in a few cases. Owners and mechanics are advised to return the car to the dealership rather than opting for third party car repairs using the Audi workshop manual.

Car owners who have purchased an Audi A5 car in the last few years, can check if their vehicle is affected directly using the vehicle identification number (VIN). The government product safety website in Australia has listed all the VINs of Audi cars for the different car recalls on its website.

Additionally Audi Australia claims that it will also contact the vehicle owners directly. The car owner will be advised to contact the nearest car dealer to get the vehicle checked, to identify the problem. The dealer will then arrange to get the vehicle fixed at no cost to the car owner.