If you are not new to bike riding you will understand how important it is to have proper bike riding gear. Not to preach about the obvious items of safety like wearing a helmet and a bike-riding track-suite etc. these are the essentials and you should never ride without them anyway. One of the most important items in a bike riding gear is the pair of high-quality motorcycle gloves.  If you are one of the people, who think wearing motorcycle gloves are not that important as other safety items then you are in a rude awakening.

Motorcycle gloves are not just for adding to the style and aesthetic, rather they serve a much more crucial purpose that is of safety and protection. While it is understandable that sometimes wearing gloves can be a bit uncomfortable, but wait till you read our list of the top 5 reasons you need to wear motorcycle gloves while riding.

Fall protection

Crashes and road accidents happen no matter how many years of experience you may have, or how careful and law-abiding you are. One can never be too safe, in any situation of an accident or a crash the very first thing you will do is to try to protect yourself with your hands. Your hands will be your first body parts to take the impact of the fall. And the protection of your hands from scratches and severe injuries can be avoided by wearing motorcycle gloves. If you are not sure where to start, here are our recommended motorcycle gloves.

Solid griping

Weather can have some serious impacts on your grip. In cold weather your hands, many go numb due to no layer of protection. Similarly, in hot weather, your hands may become sweaty and you may find it difficult to grip your motorbike’s throttle.

This can distract you, which can be a real problem while riding a bike. So to have a solid grip regardless of the weather conditions ensure you wear a quality pair of gloves.


Sunburns can be annoying and can also pose health implications.  When you cover your whole body with clothes on a sunny day and leave your hands uncovered while going on long road trips across the state, your hands can feel the impact of the sun. The uncovered areas of hands will most likely get darkened or sunburned due to long exposure to the sunlight. Sunburned hands will also make your skin tone uneven as compared to the rest of your body.

Protection against numbness

Hand numbness can occur even without the cold weather. Riding a bike for long hours without stops and breaks can make your hands numb that not only can be annoying but also can be hazardous and how you are supposed to effectively control your bike if you cannot even feel your hands? Therefore, wearing a pair of gloves with proper cold protection can add to your safety and protection while riding your motorbike.

Sportier look

Okay, let’s not miss the benefit of looking dope while wearing a quality pair of gloves. While you have your whole bike outfit on, adding a pair of gloves will not only make you look sportier but will also ensure protection. Gloves now days are available that are rich in style and are built with protection in mind that will take your aesthetics to another level.

The main reason why most bike riders do not pay attention to the importance of wearing gloves is that they do not fall under traffic laws. Unlike a helmet, there are no fine associated with not wearing gloves while riding a bike while also gloves are not considered as necessary protective gear. This is a sad misconception that needs to be addressed properly. Because the majority of the beginner motorbike riders are unaware of the importance of wearing gloves while riding bikes.

However, experienced and responsible motorbike riders understand the importance of wearing gloves along with other safety gear items. And as a bike rider, you should always ensure you wear maximum protection gear for your safety and do always carry the First Aid Kit in your back bag.