Benefits of Hand Car Washes

Back in the day, hand car washes were the traditional method people used to clean their car. Then came automatic car washes that were fast and convenient, but did you know that hand car washes are back on the rise? There are actually many reasons to choose a hand car wash over an automatic car wash.


Automatic car washes can do a number on the exterior of your car. They often times use hard brushes and other mechanisms that tend to scratch and chip the body paint on the car. They have also been know to damage side mirrors, wiper blades, and other items on the exterior of a car. Hand washing is much more gentle. A brushless hand wash car wash florence al can clean your car thoroughly without any damage to your paint job.


Having a professional thoroughly clean your car provides a new set of eyes that can detect and find any issues that could potentially cause a problem. They might notice rust forming on the exterior of your car, or a crack or chip on the windshield, or perhaps a loose mirror. These small issues often go unnoticed but can prevent a major expense if caught early.


The interior of your car is dirtier than you think! Automatic car washes don’t get the inside of your car, but a hand car wash professional can get inside and steam clean all the grime and bacteria that you probably don’t typically pay attention to. Think how dirty your steering wheel probably is since you touch it just after using the fuel pump, after picking up groceries, and grabbing take-out and shoving a french fry in your mouth. Not to mention all the nooks and crannies between seats and on the floor.

Leave your car cleaning to a human with a gentle hand and a keen eye to better clean and protect your car.