Buying a Used Bicycle? Here’s What You Should Look For Before You Make a Purchase!

Are you looking for a second-hand bicycle for the first time? Make sure you read this! You set out to buy one. Neat! Not quite. Purchasing a used bike will be a tough proposition without a proper guide. You need a lot of information, a little help, and some knowledge.

We have created some key characteristics to look out for to make a purchase on used bicycles in Cyprus. This guide will help you avoid the most common pitfalls, and make sure you get the best bike from the Cyprus bike shop in Limassol.

Visit the Bike Shop in Limassol

Visit and meet up with the seller of bike shops in Limassol to enquire and check do the bicycle is in good condition. Also, consider going for a test ride. If the seller refuses to allow you a test ride, ignore purchase it. This is because they could be hiding something nasty. If they don’t have any objection, adjust everything for your height and weight on the bike, and check does it have any annoying squeaks or rough handling.

Beware of Stolen Bikes

In today’s money minded world, some bike shop even sells the stolen bikes for the money. So, pay more attention while making a purchase. Stolen bikes are often wildly underpriced for a “quick sale.” And the stock photos for those bikes are suspect. Unless there is an actual photo of the bike for sale, don’t buy it. Another sign to check whether it is a stolen bike or directly from the seller is to looking for scratched off serial numbers. This is because the serial number is a unique code that identifies the bike. The bike thieves usually scratch off the serial number in order to protect them from future issues.

Detective Work to Check for Crash Damage

A little bit of detective work must be done to ensure the best-used bike is acquired. In some cases, if a biker gets into the accident while riding, the bike will never be the same again like before. So, avoid purchasing the bike that meets up with an accidental. You can find such type of bikes by simply checking the common replacement done for the bikes. The replaced wheel rim will be one of the great sign of a damaging crash in the past. Also, check whether there is any damage to the stem clamping point.

These are the tips and tricks you need to know before purchasing a used bike from the bike shops in Limassol , especially if it’s your first time. Consider these factors before you shell out your hard earned cash. Make sure whether the bike is in good condition and have a knowledgeable purchase!