Choosing the Right Handlebars for your Motorcycle

Perhaps one of the most common components you will replace on your motorcycle is the handlebars. You might think it is easy to find a replacement for your Kawasaki z1000 handlebars, but each product is one of a kind and may not fit your specific motorbike. There are several factors you need to take into consideration before making a purchase, and we’ll guide you with these simple tips below:

The Size of the Handlebars

Like many other parts, you need to determine the perfect size of your handlebars. The size of the handlebars can affect your ride, and you might either enjoy a pleasurable rise or one that will leave you with an aching body. Remember, less is more.

Your decision will base on the bike’s size, physical strength, and skill level. First, check the bar diameter. The most common diameter size of 1”, while some may have a thicker 1 1/4”. Use a tape measure to get the measurements across the end of the tubing making the handlebars.

Next would be the width. If you want a comfortable ride, make it a habit to choose a width that closely matches your shoulders. The width size may also vary according to the style of your motorbike; for instance, cruisers or large motorbikes may need wider handlebars than smaller, skinny choppers.

The Type of Handlebars

There is a wide range of handlebar types available on the market – all you need to do is choose which will suit your riding style and bike. While they all share the same purpose,do not assume they will give you the same experience. Handlebars are made to help you control your bike, so it all boils down to how much control you wish to maintain and how you want the motorcycle to look.

These are some of the most popular custom handlebars most people get:

  • For maintaining control – If your goal is to control, pick drag handlebars or tracker bars.
  • For appealing looks – when it comes to style, Ape hangers are the best choice, but they might offer less control.
  • Other purposes – for different varying styles, you might want to check out buckhorn, bars, beach bars, T-Bars, Z-Bars, Rabbit ears, and Drilled handlebars.

The Coat of the Handlebars

Each handlebar will come in a variety of finishes and coating.

Some handlebars have a glossy, chrome finish, while others offer polished, electroplated, stainless steel, or anodized coatings. Whichever you choose depends on your preference and style.

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