Extra Touches for a Perfect Event Car Launch

If your company is planning a conference or major show, you need to be able to attract attendees. To pull people away from their busy lives and get them to spend their time and money traveling to and attending your event, you need to make sure it stands above the rest.

Transportation Time

One crucial detail that can’t be overlooked is how to get your attendees to and from the event. It’s not enough to simply create an event if it’s not easy for people to get there. Point to point transportation NYC is a great way to ensure smooth service and happy event-goers by making it easy to get people from their homes, the airport or train station directly to the event without the hassle of hailing a cab, studying timetables or going through airport security. Point to point transport eliminates the stress on the attendees and makes it that much easier for them to choose and attend your event.

Swag Set Up

Another item that conference attendees expect but are often disappointed in is the gift or swag bag that is handed out upon registration. While conference planners often mean well, too often these gifts just end up in the trash or as clutter in a junk drawer. Items like hand sanitizer, pens, water bottles, can koozies and brochures are quick to be forgotten; instead, think of high-value items like children’s gifts, apparel and battery chargers as these are quick to be appreciated and will garner pleasant associations towards your company.

Choosing to prioritize the travel experience and swag bag, even if it costs a little more, is an expense well worth it. By taking the time to create a stress-free travel experience and upgrading the usual giveaways to memorable ones, your conference will easily come out on top.