Veritas Global Protection: Revolutionizing Auto Insurance Services Globally


Veritas Global Protection is an international auto insurance service with its operations spread across more than 20 countries on 4 different continents. The company provides convenient auto protection plans for a diverse range of vehicles—in their own words—” for everything with an engine”. So, at Veritas, you’ll find auto insurance programs for all domestic and Asian vehicles, luxury cars, electric vehicles, exotic vehicles, travel trailers, and RVs, scooters, ATVs, motorcycles as well as for personal watercraft. 


Veritas evolved from Elijah Norton CarGuard Service, founded by Mr. Norton back in 2011. When founding the company, it was Mr. Norton’s belief that the auto insurance industry was an underserved market. Although there was no shortage of service providers, he saw that the industry was still lacking in innovative and effective solutions that would truly benefit the customers. 

And it is this constant drive to create and innovate new and effective solutions for the customers that have been the key to the rapid growth of the company. In fact, this aspect of the company is amply illustrated in the truly diverse range of auto protection programs that Veritas offers.

Veritas Plans

To further elaborate on this: Veritas Global Protection offers six different plans for most of the common vehicles. These plans are Veritas Exotic, Veritas Electric, Veritas Select, Veritas Essentials, Veritas Simplicity, and Veritas Guard. Now, this looks somewhat similar to vehicle service contracts offered by most auto insurance services. 

However, the real difference is that Veritas doesn’t stop at that. For each of these primary plans, you’ll find a number of sub-plans. So, for example, Veritas Essentials include three different programs – Essentials Powertrain, Essentials Powertrain Plus, and Essentials Powertrain Enhanced. Similarly, the Veritas Simplicity plan offers five different coverages: Simplicity Wrap, Powertrain, Exclusionary, Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus. And so on with the other different programs as well. 

You can find detailed information on different Veritas auto protection plans at the company website:

This shows that the company understands well the many different requirements of the motorists and have crafted out their programs accordingly so that you won’t have to pay for things you don’t need cover for. 

And apart from the protection plans, they offer a range of ancillary products as well (basically things that don’t come under common auto insurance programs). These include Tire & Wheel Protection, Cosmetic Wheel Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield Repair, Key & Remote Replacement, etc. 

All of this shows a good and thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements. And it is this insight into the customer needs that has helped the company grow at an exponential rate and gain not only a large number of individual clients but also some of the largest agencies and dealer groups in the country as their partners. 

It must also be mentioned that Veritas, and all its products and services, are backed by a number of large and financially stable insurers all of whom enjoy an ‘A’ or better rating by the AM Best. This is in line with the central motto of the company: ‘To provide our customers peace of mind, worldwide’.  

And this truly is what you receive when you bond with Veritas Global Protection: peace of mind. Just as did its erstwhile avatar, Elijah Norton CarGuard, Veritas also enjoys plenty of positive customer reviews with regard to their excellent customer service, continuing client support, and smooth and fast claims processing and payment. 

Partnership with WAGAS

Veritas had already expanded its operations from all of North America to countries in Central and South America when, in 2019, they teamed up with WAGAS, an industry-leader in Europe auto insurance. Together the companies aim to revolutionize the auto insurance industry not only in Europe but make an impact on a truly global scale.