Five Important Facts to Know About the New 2020 Nissan Titan

The Titan is a pickup truck model from Nissan always been the prefect choice of the workman and the business class people who need to transport substantial amount of goods to faraway distances.   Now stepping into its fourth year generation, Nissan has made the current 2020 edition of Titan a capable pickup choice that has already earned worldwide accolades for delivering perfect drives, rides, and towing performances, leave alone the capability to handle off-road surfaces and reaching he destinations in time.

2020 Refreshments

The year 2020 has brought in the lineup of Nissan Titan, a substantial freshness that ha been successful in targeting the competitive market of the American pickup trucks, says the sales record of the Seaside car dealer.

Though for this year Nissan has purposely dropped out some of its lower-end feature options, it is still driven with the standard V-8 engines, however now paired with a new nine-speed automatic transmission that consistently keeps its focus on immediate ride comfort. The changes observed at the front-end is no doubt a pleasant one that shows, how Nissan designers are maturing with experiences.

Who Should buy

Nissan didn’t plan to make the 2020 Titan the biggest and toughest pickup truck ever. Rather it has targeted the audience who are looking for a mid-size pickup option that can handle the average small business operations smoothly.

Affordable Pricing

That itself was a deciding factor in pricing this King Cab truck in such reasonable price. We are pretty sure that there won’t be many rival options out there who can offer this combination of power and safety at this price range. In other words, Nissan made the 2020 Titan more focused on attaining realistic utility, that can easily break lose the certain clientele of other brands who are selling same sized trucks at a higher price.

Power and Capacity

Having a powertrain consisted of a 5.6-liter V-8 engine in combination with a Nine-speed automatic transmission, the 2020 Nissan Titan offers you to choose between rear-wheel-drive as standard and four-wheel-drive as an on-demand option. The said powertrain is a workhorse that can crank 400 hp @ 5,800 rpm with 413 lb-ft of torque derived @ 4,000 rpm. We liked the Ground Clearance that measures around 8.2 – 9.1 inches, based on the trim level you choose. With this power plant under its hood, the 2020 Nissan titan can tow a maximum capacity of 9,370 pounds, with a Maximum Payload Capacity of 1,680 pounds.

Much Sought Interior Comfort

Our recent visit to one of the leading showrooms of the Seaside car dealership got us inside the 2020 Nissan Titan that instantly impressed us with its inviting inner space. We found the cabin as a comfortable lounge that installed a row of “Zero Gravity” seats, while the optional dual-pane moonroof enhanced the interior ambience in terms of freshness and positivity.

An upgraded infotainment system is there to catch your eye with its big 9-inch screen running in tune with NissanConnect software while offering Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

For the goods, the 2020 Nissan titan comes as a single cab truck, with King Cab and Crew Cab as its two cargo bed options.