Is the 2019 Honda Insight Still in Demand?

Who doesn’t want a vehicle that carries a fuel-efficient powertrain, a luxuriously appointed spacious interior, in which the occupants will be secured through the standard active safety features, bring excellent resale value, and all this caged within a conservative yet handsome styling? So, when the 2019 Honda Insight offered all these above-said benefits under one roof, the demand it created in the market can be easily predicted.

To be very specific and direct in evaluating the 2019 Honda Insight in a phrase, nobody will contest, if it is given the honor of how a futuristic small car should look and feel like. That’s what we found our nearby Santa Rosa Honda dealership showroom, since when it has kept the 2019 Honda Insight in its lineup display. Even we couldn’t resist our curiosity to explore the new 2019 Insight, and finally booked a test drive, that cleared our vision, about why it is still so much in demand. So, we felt like sharing the same with you.

The Hybrid Option

The best thing in the 2019 lineup of Honda Insight is the introduction of a hybrid model besides the regular ones. Even the Honda officials agree that this first step taken towards the larger strategy of electrification, done through the Insight did earn the automaker some more accolades, especially from the environmentalists. Some automobile experts also opined that this is a step taken for the future small cars that should be followed by other brands as the standard norm.

The Futuristic Design

To start with the looks, the 2019 Honda Insight apparently looks nothing beyond the compact sedan style. But if you look at the first two hybrid versions of the Honda Insight, they would have shown you some jaw-dropping designs that really mirrored a futuristic design of the hybrid small cars.

The current look of the 2019 Honda Insight wears a mature aura than both the earlier versions and preferred to tone down some of its magical strikes in lieu of its conservative approach. It looks similar at some angles with its sibling Honda Accord especially because of the new touchscreen and the interior tone.

Power and Mileage

Pop up the hood of the 2019 Honda Insight and you get to see a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine that join hands with an electric motor to jointly make 151 count of horsepower when it moves on its standard  front wheel drive configuration. Do not expect it to be as fast as the sports car, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all hopes to be punctual when you drive the 2019 Honda Insight. But what will make you truly happy is its fuel efficiency that got rated by the EPA a combined mileage of crossing 55 mpg.

Our test drive at the above mentioned Honda dealer showroom was undeniably smooth and consistently composed. With the high scores that the 2019 Honda Insight achieved in the crash tests made us feel safe too. We observed how the forward-collision warnings work perfectly in tune with the automatic emergency braking, while the active lane control with the help of automatic headlights showed us the right way to drive back to the showroom.