My Dad’s Mercedes Got Scratched Last Night – What Now?

Did you know that you can easily have a bottle of custom touch-up paint mixed for under eight dollars for your car? Can you imagine how much easier it would be to take care of your car if you could easily paint over those horrible scratches? You want to take care of the scratches before they end up getting worse or rusting.

When applying any touch-up paint you want to make sure your car is clean. Do not worry about waxing it yet. Fix up the scratches first then worry about waxing later. You want to clean the scratch on your Mercedes Benz very carefully. Use a special purpose cleaner. You can purchase this at any paint store. You will also want to get a fine artist’s brush. This will make it easier to touch up only the scratches and use the minimal amount of paint you need to. Carefully cover the scratch with the paint. Meguiar is a popular car care brand that makes ‘ScratchX’. It is a non-abrasive paint cleaner and remover polish. When you have finished touching up all your scratches, do not immediately wash or wax your car. Wait a couple days first then continue with your regular Mercedes Benz cleaning ritual. For safety of your car you should buy car covers for outside protection.

Have you ever parked your Mercedes at the far end of the parking lot hoping to avoid any damage to your car? Have you ever returned to your car with a noticeable ding and no other cars around? Many people experience this same problem daily. Dings and scratches and nicks are almost always unavoidable. Luckily, they are easily fixable.

You can easily care for dings and nicks on your own instead of spending large amounts at a specialty store. You want to see how deep they are first. You might be able to just buff them out. Apply some scratch remover or cleaner wax to a terry cloth and rub in a swirling motion then buff after the cleaner dries.

You may have to try a few times to get it completely fixed, but if you can tell this is not working, try something different. Depending on your paint base there may be easier ways of removing these dings from your Mercedes.

If all else fails and you are not confident enough in fixing a scratch or ding on your own, call a professional. You can easily try it yourself but sometimes it is best to have a professional do it. Especially when it is a luxury car like your Mercedes Benz. You might get better care from a professional luxury car care professional.

Check out the local pages and find a service near you. You could even ask around and maybe a friend or relative can recommend somewhere. You want to find the best place because you are putting your car in their hands. This is one reason many people do things themselves. You can’t always be too careful when it comes to caring for your Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Performance Upgrade

Mercedes Benz parts and accessories are what make up your classic Mercedes Benz car when assembled together in a systematic and mechanical procedure. The parts and accessories can be categorized into interior, exterior and engine and engine-related parts.

When driving your Benz, you must have noted that when you change the gear, it takes a short time for your car to accelerate and move at to speed. This is enabled by the Sprint Booster which, through its functionality, enables your car to respond faster to gear change thus, less time from gear change to acceleration. There is the air-filter cleaner which wash away any oily dirt therefore keeping the air filters clean all the time and the sealing grease which ensures good air circulation in the engine by sealing tightly all surfaces where filters are conjoined. Apart from the oil filters, the engine has air filters, oil tube seal and the gaskets which provide good management to your engine oil. The effect of this is well lubricated moving parts of the engine which maintains your car in good condition. You’ll not lack the battery and its charger which maintains the battery full plus the battery protection mat which keeps the battery dirt and water free.

The exterior comprises of the body with several attachments to it such as the side mirrors, tail lights and head lights, wiper, convertible tops and luggage racks. The side mirrors act as your eyes on the road while the head and tail lights together with the brake lights provide safety to a greater extent between you and other road users. Wipers and washers keep the windshield clean thus maintain clear vision while you are driving on the road. The roof rack, for your luggage and roof hoists, for the convertible, contributes to the multitasking ability of your vehicle making it a high performer. The high density chassis increases gravitational ground pull and with the combination of sporty tires with chrome rims, they increase the stability of the vehicle on the road so you are good to go.

The main interior parts are the gear lever and the steering wheel. The gear levers are covered in wooden and leather knobs for easy and comfortable handling. Your Benz has some accessories to provide safety and protection; the heat-shield which prevents direct sun rays and the fire extinguisher in case of fire. From the floor mats to the leather seats, you will find all the comfort and safety you need while driving in a Mercedes Benz. Not to forget the air conditioning and audio systems to cool you down or spice you up.

Mercedes Headlights For Enhanced Vision

When we want to upgrade any Mercedes car, the first thing that comes to mind is to change its headlights. It is a well-known fact that different shapes of lights give your vehicle an attractive look. For the beauty of the front side of the vehicle, headlights play a very important role and the tail lights enhance the beauty of the backside of your vehicle. Lights not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but are also important for the purpose of safety and security.

The bulbs of the Mercedes HID headlights contain Xenon gas. It’s a colorless and odorless gas that emits whiter light responding to electrical supply. The light emitted by these lights is three times whiter than that emitted by a standard halogen light of a car. This light covers a wider and larger range. It also consumes 40% less power than other car lights. Ballast is needed to install Mercedes Xenon headlights. Ballast is used because it acts as a power-house for the bulb. The electrical current emitted by xenon bulb is controlled by ballast. It also provides better light during rain, night, and snow fall.

In case you are bored from your stock-headlights, then HID headlights is definitely a better option as an illumination product for your vehicle. If you are tired of driving all night with your regular Mercedes lighting, then you do not need to worry at all as there is a better option available now. The HID lights are a complete answer to the standard Mercedes Benz headlights. There is a wide range of Xenon lights available in the market and there is a striking difference between the standard headlights and the Xenon lights. The new Mercedes HID lights offer a better view at night.

If you want to assure yourself about the efficiency of the Mercedes HID headlights, just look at any regular halogen light and you will realize the difference. You will find that Mercedes lights provide better and clear view in any weather. The HID Lights do not put much strain on your eyes and you will be able to see up to a farther distance with your new Mercedes HID headlights.