Maintain Your Vehicle For Maximum Performance

There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a brand-new vehicle out on the open road. Being able to stop on a dime, the sensation of tires gripping the turns and tight suspension carrying the load are things owners hope will last forever. There comes the point in time when you have to deal with the natural deterioration of these features to keep your ride in tip-top shape. Be pro-active and follow these guidelines to protect your investment.


A common issue that needs attention is the eventual decline of the braking system. As miles begin to pile on, your brakes wear out due to everyday use. Instead of waiting until you hear the dreaded sound of metal on metal, draw up a schedule for brake pad replacement. Getting in front of this early will save you having to replace the calipers if let go for too long. A brake system flush can also enhance the performance of the fluid running through the lines. The object of this service is to replace the dirty liquid with fresh and clean fluid. Water has a sneaky habit of getting into your lines, which increases the pressure you must use with your foot to brake. Get the rotors inspected for warping. If they become misshapen, braking will become rough and the pedal will pulsate.


Pay attention to where the rubber meets the road. Keeping up with tire maintenance benefits your safety and your wallet. Use the coin trick to gauge tread wear. Place a penny into a tread with Lincoln’s head pointed down. If any part of the head is covered, you are good to go. If not, then look into replacement. Bald tires are just plain dangerous and lead to hydroplaning, slower stop time and less grip when traversing unstable ground. Save on gas by taking a few extra minutes at the filling station to ensure tire pressure is to the recommended levels. You’ll notice the difference in handling by keeping them pumped up.


The undercarriage of a vehicle is the element that bears the load and provides relief from the thumps and bumps of the highway. You can avoid the feeling of steering a mobile bounce house around by giving attention to your shocks or struts. Both are vital to suspension by preventing swaying and jostling while on the road. The bulk of the side load is managed by these two parts while cornering, so keeping them in good shape is key to overall handling.