Smart Driver and Smarter lessons

When studying to get a driver’s license, you know the code of the road behind you, you know the rules of good conduct and you respect all the limits imposed by the law. Unfortunately, however, we know well that this part of this knowledge will be forgotten once you are familiar with the car and the road: with this article we want to refresh your memory and reveal some tricks that even in driving school are not told. In the Driving School Manchester you can find the best lessons.

Let’s see the main tips to follow if you want to learn how to drive a car in the best way and in complete safety

First of all, for many neo-drivers the driving of their car represents a real dilemma, especially in the first days of experience on city streets. There are two basic rules to follow at the beginning:

  • comply with the rules in the Highway Code
  • respect the components of your vehicle

Initially it is necessary to rely on a good instructor, be it an employee of a driving school or a family member dear to you (a parent, a grandfather still “in the saddle” or a brother). In the event that your relatives are too nervous and hysterical, their involvement in this type of operation is not recommended: confidence in yourself could be reduced and greater anxiety created, while calmness and coolness are needed above all for the first tests. We must not forget that you can always improve driving a car.

When you sit behind the wheel, you should adjust the backrest and take a comfortable ride getting a small car instead of a small car (for example a Smart) is another important step towards the success of the task undertaken.

As soon as you start the car and start driving the road, you need to:

  • maintain a constant speed so as to avoid sudden or sudden braking
  • respect the speed limits indicated on the appropriate road signs
  • Avoid stupid driving distractions (drinking, smoking, listening to music with headphones, answering mobile phones, etc.)

Other precautions to remember to save fuel and respect the clutch, brakes and engine are the following:

  • use first gear only uphill
  • use only low gears uphill
  • do not accelerate while changing gear
  • always increase the gear whenever possible, until reaching the highest gear
  • do not drive at high speeds with low gears.

In conclusion, to learn to drive a car well you need to rely on a good instructor and follow the basic rules imposed by the Highway Code, avoiding stupid distractions.