Take Car-Care Measures to Prevent Summer Roadside Layovers

Summer is a time when families may put many miles on their cars while traveling to fun spots or relatives’ houses, placing increased demands on vehicles. Cars face added stress due to several conditions: extreme heat, heavy traffic, dirty or dusty air and heavy loads. Avoid costly breakdowns that will leave you stranded by taking these extra steps to prepare your car for the season.

Thinning Oil Stops Protecting

Changing your engine oil, along with the oil filter, is the number one maintenance routine you must attend to – neglecting this task will lead to long-term engine damage as oil naturally breaks down over time. Pay attention to your car manufacturer’s guidelines for mileage and intervals between each change; especially note severe-driving definitions, since these circumstances mean you need the service more often. Also, throughout the summer and during long trips, check the level of your oil often.

Belts Break and Hoses Hiss

Many of your car’s operations (such as air conditioning) function using a system of belts and hoses. Torn and worn belts can split or slacken and slip, leading to failure of these systems. If a belt is a major one, such as the timing belt, a break could mean catastrophic engine failure. Radiator hoses, which channel antifreeze that cools the engine, must be soft and pliable or they too will split. Leave these inspections to auto repair service Marysville WA, because experienced mechanics will spot problem areas you miss, preventing you from being stranded roadside.

Odds and Ends Call for Attention

One more item your mechanic should diagnose is your battery’s charge. The heat of summer and the use of accessories will drain the battery’s capacity if it is nearing its end-of-life. Check your tires’ air pressure and tread depth. Change your wipers, which will be worn after a long winter, and top off your washer fluid. Finally, restock your first-aid emergency kit.

Take the time in the Spring to prepare your car or SUV for summer driving. You can then increase your odds of making it to your destination safely and on time.