How to make your car work better?

Nowadays everyone just needs a car in daily life. It is very important to have your own vehicle because even though public transport is giving huge opportunities to travel it is still not enough. Also, using your own car gives you much more control and comfort, you can use it whenever you want and you don’t have to wait for it like for the bus. The main problem is that cars are breakable and sometimes broken components can drive the owner crazy. One of the most problematic parts is the FAP/DPF particulate filter.

  1. What is a dpf emulator?
  2. How does an emulator dpf work?
  3. What is OBD?

Every problem has its own solution. Let’s try to find out how to deal with the particulate filter by using an dpf emulator.

What is a dpf emulator?

The particulate filter is an engine part that breaks down very often. For this reason, many people choose to have it removed to avoid problems. It is, however, not that easy. In the car there are several sensors and some of them are checking how the filter is working, so the removal will alarm them. To get around this inconvenience, you can install an DPF emulator, such as, for example adblue. It is a device which simulates the correct operation of the dpf fap particulate filter. That’s why the sensor will not spot the dpf removal.

How does an emulator dpf work?

Since you know what is a dpf emulator let’s try to understand how it works. The main job of an emulator is to simulate the presence of the particulate filter. It should not affect engine power. You should remember though, that the particulate filter has one important job – to absorb the contaminants that are emitted during the combustion of diesel fuel. That’s why sometimes just getting rid of it is not enough. You should also remove it mechanically. During this process, the program that all engines have is corrected to keep the exhaust as clean as possible. It is really important to remember that not all cars could have an emulator installed and the best way is to find one designed for a specific brand. For example, Peugeot or Volvo may need a different type of emulator than Mazda, Ford or Toyota. It’s a little similar to the copyright law – you should not add something straight from another model.

What is OBD?

Iveco obd is a tool which is intended to control the operation of the engine and also the pollution that comes from it. There are some versions of the obd, like 0/1–3 and if you want to know more about it, you can send an e-mail or meet in person with a professional. It is good to consult a mechanic before making any changes to the car.